Volvo XC 60

Volvo XC 60

The Volvo XC60 is a great family car, with its spacious interior that's versatile and appealing easy motorway handling and shed loads of safety features.

Volvo XC60 was great fun to drive, if you like big rugged cars then this could be the one for you , Volvo’s answer to the SUV market it’s like a massive big Tonka toy I would say it’s more of a man’s car rather than for the female buyer sorry but saying that I think it’s a great family car.

The exterior helps to disguise its size but there is no hiding around town in this car it does seem to draw attention - though for all the right reasons.

It’s the interior was impressive with a high driving position which is so comfortable and gives the car a sporty feel to it, I have to admit I like plenty of leg room. Another nice touch is the back middle seat folds to give an arm rest.

Interior view

The dash board is very different as it doesn't give you the usual speedometer but just a digital number,indicating your speed, so there is no getting away with how fast you were going. Next to it is displayed the legal speed limit of the road you are travelling on, so again no excuse for speeding. I also liked that the boot can be opened and closed just using the key, when your struggling with bags of shopping it’s a great idea.

When driving in the evening its great how they get the headlights to point around corners as you are turning giving real good road visibility and safety. I also liked the fact when you get in the car during cold weather the seats and the steering wheel warm up.

City safety is featured on this car, this system is active at speeds up to 31 mph the car automatically brakes if the driver fails to react in time when the vehicle in from stops or slows down, or if the car is approaching a stationary vehicle too fast.

This car also includes pedestrian and cyclist detection, if a cyclist swerves in front of the car the brakes will automatically be applied and a warning sound given.

Another good feature in this and all the Volvo’s is the on call system which allows through blue tooth your phone to be linked in so calls can be made and received hands free but you can also stream your music through it.

So what does the Volvo XC60 get from me - safety in this car is not an issue plenty of air bags, great car to drive and handles really well in any weather conditions, a great family car so it gets two thumbs up.

So in short: There are two D4 diesel engines, a 2.0-litre four-cylinder only available with front-wheel drive, and one 2.4 litre five cylinder that has the option of four-wheel drive. Then there is the D5 is also a five-cylinder, but gets more power and is four-wheel drive only. Finally there is a T6 petrol at the top of the range, which has enough 'poke' to embarrass a number of hot hatches, reaching 60mph in under seven seconds.

The Ride: The XC60 comes in both front and four-wheel drive, and has good ground clearance and large alloy wheels, but that said it’s more at home on the road than off the tarmac.

Quality: You won't find many more refined cars in this class than the Volvo XC60. It's the low levels of wind, suspension, and road noise that makes it particularly impressive. All in all, the result is that the XC60 is an extremely cultured car.

Would we buy one - most definitely.

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