Jenson Button knows cars, here he shares his tips on how to save money on your motor and keep it in peak condition.

Motoring on Female First

Motoring on Female First

The racing star took time out of his busy schedule with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team to demonstrate how to check your car’s lubrication levels at the UK headquarters of ExxonMobil in Leatherhead, Surrey. 

Here are his top tips:

Choose the right oil for your car.

- Using the correct engine oil can potentially improve fuel efficiency, provide valuable engine protection, and reduce wear and tear.

- Mobil 1’s online “Which Oil” product selector – found at – helps drivers find the correct engine oil to optimise their vehicle’s performance.

- Simply insert the vehicle registration number and ‘Which Oil’ identifies the most appropriate engine oil.

Talk to your service representative about the “health” of your engine and the motor oil they use during maintenance checks.

- Service representatives are your vehicle’s “doctor”, so don’t be afraid to ask questions about the benefits of different oils and how to keep an engine running smoothly.

Keep a 1 litre container of engine oil in the boot

- Maintaining the proper level of engine oil and lubricant is essential to the protection and efficiency of a vehicle. 

- A one litre container of oil is a cost effective way of maintaining an engine between regular maintenance checks.

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