When thinking of Yamaha, sports cars are certainly not the first thing that comes to mind. Motorcycles, yes and even pianos but they seem to be broadening their horizons after revealing a concept sports car along with two electric motorcycles at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car

Yamaha Sports Ride Concept Car

It is called the Sports Ride Concept and it resembles a micro supercar with features akin to a McLaren and interiors inspired by Pagani.

Few details have been revealed so far, but what we do know is that their is a large emphasis on the chassis.

In terms of the motorcycles, they go by the names PED2 (Passion Electric Dirt sport 2) and PES2 (Passion Electric Street sport 2), and are both powered solely by electrons. Yamaha claims that "both models are equivalent in performance to Class II (50-125cc) mopeds and motorcycles."

Seeing the sports car make it to production is probably unlikely, but there is a much higher chance that we'll be seeing the motorcycles in the near