127 Hours

127 Hours

127 Hours was the last time that we saw Danny Boyle in the director’s chair and it is the movie that brings our look at the best films by this director to a close.

127 Hours is perhaps the most personal film that Boyle has ever made as it told the true-life story of Aron Ralston who almost lost his life when he went out climbing alone.

Ralston becomes trapped under a boulder while canyoneering alone near Moab, Utah and resorts to desperate measures in order to survive.

127 Hours sees actor James Franco stuck in the same place for the majority of the film and yet Boyle has turned this into a totally riveting movie.

It is a tour de force performance by James Franco who has to show what he is really made of as an actor as he has very little to work with - no co-stars, no change of scenery and yet he gives the best turn o his career.

127 Hours becomes a movie that is an insight into the Aron Ralston as he reflects on his selfish ways and how he has perhaps not been the son or the friend that should have been.

Franco captures Ralston’s love for life in the opening sequences in the movie, supported fantastically by the beautiful backdrop of Utah.

But it’s his fight of life that really does pack the punch - never mind the sick bags it’ a hanky that you are going to be needing as Ralston hallucinates about his family and friends and realises the error of his somewhat selfish lifestyle.

There is a real claustrophobic feel to this movie as this really ramps up the tension - a tension that really is quite nerve shredding.

And all of this is just building up to the moment where Aron Ralston decides that he wants to live and there is only one way out of that canyon - this movie really does ask the audience what they would do if they would themselves in a similar position.

Many may know what happens to Ralston before they see the movie and yet this does not stop 127 Hours from being a tension filled and gripping story.

The really is a movie about human resilience, bravery and hope that can do nothing but move you to the core.

And this is mainly because of Franco’s terrific central performance as his charm and love of life along with his remorse of the way that he has treated his friends and family really will win you over.

127 Hours is a terrific movie from start to finish as Boyle shows you that you can deliver a riveting and moving film with just one actor and in a single location - Boyle & Franco really are at their very best with this film.

The movie went on to be nominated for six Oscars including Best Picture and Best Actor for James Franco.

Trance is out now.

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