Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler

Gerard Butler has had a busy year with the likes of The Ugly Truth and Gamer already under his belt.

This week he returns in action movie Law Abiding Citizen, which sees him team up with Oscar winner Jamie Foxx.

A frustrated man decides to take justice into his own hands after a plea bargain sets one of his family's killers free. He targets not only the killer but also the district attorney and others involved in the deal.

Alcohol - Gerard is teetotal. Back in his youth he used to drink heavily and this was one of the factors that contributed to his firing from his law firm.
Bond - Butler had a small appearance in Tomorrow Never Dies, however his performance was cut out of the final film.
Charities - Gerard gives back through his charitable work and in particular his work with Kids Kicking Cancer.
Date - Gerard is never short of a date in Hollywood, however he chose to bring his mother as his date to the Glasgow premiere of his new film, Law Abiding Citizen.
Edinburgh - where Gerard trained as a lawyer in a law firm before he was fired!
Fashion - Butler is far more comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt and admits that previously he has made some "gross misjudgements when it comes to fashion!"
Glasgow - Gerard’s home town and location of the UK premiere of Law Abiding Citizen.
Hillary Swank - played Gerard’s grieving wife in PS I Love You.
Injury - Gerard pushed his body to the limit for his role in 300, injuring his forearm and developed tendinitis in almost every part of his body.
Jennifer Aniston - Gerard has been romantically linked to his co-star.
Kilt - Gerard is proud of his Scottish heritage and chose to wear a kilt to the Scottish premiere of Law Abiding Citizen.
Law Abiding Citizen - Gerard’s new film, which he both produced and starred in alongside Jamie Foxx.
Marriage - Contrary to public opinion, Gerard has never been married or engaged, and it doesn’t look like he is going to give up his bachelor status anytime soon.
New York - where Gerard was recently seen enjoying a cosy group dinner with Jessica Simpson.
Oliver - Gerard’s first stage performance as a street urchin!
Phantom of the Opera - Gerard starred opposite Emmy Rossum in the screen version of Andrew Lloyd Weber’s acclaimed musical.
Quitting smoking - after playing a character who dies of lung cancer in PS I Love You, Butler took the decision to quit smoking.
Rooster - Gerard’s Chinese astrology sign.  Rooster’s are highly observant, practical and resourceful.
Solicitor - Gerard was training to be a Solicitor before he was fired two weeks before he was due to qualify.
Tomb Raider - Gerard starred alongside Angelina Jolie in ‘The Cradle of Life’.  The director commented, "You'll feel a sexual tension; there is a chemistry".
Ugly Truth - in this film Gerard starred as a chauvinist alongside Katherine Heigl.
Voted ‘Most Attractive Man of the Year’ in 2005 by Hello! Magazine.
Wine Steward - the Norman meaning of Gerard’s surname, Butler!
X-rated Body!
Youth Theatre - Gerard is a former member of the Scottish Youth Theatre.
Zack Snyder - director of 300, sang Gerard’s praises, "Gerry carries the movie, [he] has such powerful charisma and presence, you just want to be led into battle."

Law Abiding Citizen is released 27th November.

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