Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

Eva Green as Vesper Lynd

It may have been four years but the wait for the twenty third Bond movie is almost over as Skyfall hits the big screen tomorrow.

Just like the gadgets and the car chases the Bond girls are a must have in any of the films in the franchise - and we take a look at some of the best.

1. Pussy Galore - Honor Blackman

When you think of Bond girls the character of Pussy Galore is the one that usually springs to mind as she appeared in Goldfinger back in 1964.

Honor Blackman took on the role of Pussy Galore, Goldfinger's personal pilot, and the witty banter between her and Bond as well as her evocative name make her an unforgettable character.

Blackman was the perfect choice for this role as she already had a background in action work after starring in The Avengers.

2. Vesper Lynd - Eva Green

Vesper Lynd has been one of the best Bond girls of later years as she is one of the strongest female characters to feature in the franchise.

Lynd is an agent for the HM Treasury in Casino Royale and she is a song willed woman who, at the beginning, puts Bond right where she wants him.

There is a great chemistry between Eva Green and Daniel Craig, who was playing Bond for the first time, and the pair banter incredibly well together.

3. Honey Ryder - Ursula Andress

You can't talk about Bond girls without discussing the very first and that was Honey Ryder, played by Ursual Andress in Dr No.

The scene where she comes out of the water in a white bikini is not only one of the most iconic images of the Bond franchise but one of the most iconic images of film.

The role of Ryder was beautiful and strong and she really did pave the way, not to mention set the standard, for all the Bond girls that have come after her

4. Jill Masterson - Shirley Eaton

We have already looked at one Bond girl from Goldfinger but now it is time to look at another in the form of Jill Masterson.

Bond and Masterson meet for the first time when 007 breaks into Goldfinger's suite where he catches her helping the Goldfinger cheat at cards.

Goldfinger loses all his money after Bond seduces Masterson and she pay for it with her life - painting her gold.

5. Teresa Di Vicenzo - Diana Rigg

Teresa Di Vicenzo is the only Bond girl who became Mrs Bond after marrying 007 at the end of On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Tracy was played by Diana Rigg who, like Blackman before her had come from The Avengers.

The character of Teresa Di Vicenzo is also one of the most mentioned Bond girls of all time as she is mentioned in five other movies.

Skyfall is released 26th October

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