Sally El Hosaini

Sally El Hosaini

It has been an exciting year for film in general so far in 2012 but it has also been a great year for British cinema.

A whole host of genres have thrived at the box office while some directors have been making quite a name for themselves.

So to celebrate the release of My Brother The Devil by Sally El Hosaini we take a look at some of the upcoming British filmmakers that we should be keeping an eye on.

- Sally El Hosaini

Welsh born writer and filmmaker Sally El Hosaini has made quite a name for herself in the last few weeks as she won the Best Newcomer Award at the BFI London Film Festival.

My Brother the Devil marked her feature length directorial debut and it was screening in the First Feature section of the festival back in October.

The movie, which stars James Floyd and Fady Elsayed, has been met well by the critics and Hosaini looks set for a very exciting directing career.

- Gareth Evans

If you have not seen The Raid yet then you are missing out on a movie treat as it really is one of the best films of the year.

Welsh born Evans is behind the Indonesian martial arts and it really is one of the best movies in this genre for quite some time.

Merantau was his first foray into this genre but The Raid is the movie that really has caught everyone's attention - so much so that there is an American remake rumoured to be in the pipeline.

As for Evans he is teaming up with actor Iko Uwais for Berandal, their third movie together, in a follow on from The Raid.

- Dexter Fletcher

Dexter Fletcher is known as an actor in the likes of Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Band of Brothers but he moved into directing for the first time earlier this year.

Wild Bill hit the big screen back in March and it really is one of the best Brit movies of 2012 and it was hard to believe that this was Fletcher's debut.

He got the best out of his young cast, especially Will Poulter who is superb, while Charlie Creed-Miles is also great as the reluctant father.

Fletcher has since been linked to a couple of other directorial project and he is someone that we should keep a very close eye on as his experience in front of the camera really tells behind it.

- Paddy Considine

Paddy Considine is another actor turned great director as he released the awesome Tyrannosaur late last year.

If this is the kind of movie that he can put at as a debut then just how good are his future projects going to be?

Tyrannosaur is a hard hitting and emotional movie that showed assurance from Considine behind the camera.

However Considine is concentrating on work in front of the camera at the moment with Girl on a Bicycle and Honour but I can't wait to see what he does next as a filmmaker.

- Lynne Ramsay

Lynne Ramsay is another filmmaker that we all should be super exciting about after she delivered We Need to Talk About Kevin last year.

The movie was critically acclaimed as Tilda Swinton delivered a tour de force performance as a mother who struggles to love her child.

We Need To Talk About Kevin is a very intelligent psychological drama that does have a real chill to it - Ramsey also penned the screenplay.

Since then Ramsey has directed short project Swimmer but her new movie Jane Got a Gun is currently in pre-production.

My Brother The Devil is out now

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