Ebony Road

Ebony Road

Maia Krall Fry is an actress that we have to keep an eye on and Ebony Road looks set to be the project that will break her into the big time as she stars in the movie as well as penning the script.

Ebony Road was created as a collaboration project by Maia, Kate Cheeseman, and a few other filmmakers.

So in true FemaleFirst fashion we have the first exclusive images from the movie for you to take a look at.

‘Ebony Road’ is a drama and unique thriller full of twists set in a contemporary society and city. Two young sisters, Emmie and Isobel Spurrier, struggle to live homeless on the streets of London.

Themed heavily in a train station, the gritty film develops when Emmie gets involved in prostitution after her younger sister befriends a mysterious man named Keith.

Emmie soon realises that her and Isobel’s safety is in jeopardy. When the characters fall in grave danger, the pressure is on Emmie to change her critical view of life to bring everyone back together.

On her journey Emmie changes dramatically and she learns to appreciate what little she has, as well as befriending and finding trust in Keith.

Keith’s character is central to the story as he resonates Emmie’s feelings towards her sister to those he has towards his own, and develops as a character greatly throughout the film.

Jay Frost, played by Oliver Fabian is majorly the most complex character of the film, and has interweaving connections with all three other leads.

The movie is set to be released at the end of the year and here are the first images from the movie:

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