Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried

But who will play the central characters of Christian Grey & Anastasia Steele? Well we have looked at the actors who could possible play the charismatic leading man and now it's time to look at the actresses who could play his love interest.

- Angelina Jolie

Now Angelina Jolie is an name that has been banded around by other actors, more of a dream leading lady rather than a serious contender, as well as by some fans of the book.

And there is no doubt that Jolie is an incredibly beautiful and sexy lady but she is a little bit too old to play the college student - Steele is supposed to be seduced and dominated not the other way around.

- Emma Roberts

This may be a rather racy role but Emma Roberts released last week that she would be up for playing Steele because the part 'sounded awesome'.

For someone like Roberts a role like this would be perfect for completely destroying the good girl image that she currently has - not to mention it would be the biggest movies and role of her career.

- Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez was one of the early names that was banded about and if she too wanted to shake off her wholesome Disney image then this role would be perfect.

However the actress has ruled out taking on the role as she believed it to be too risky a part.

- Ashlee Greene

An early favourite amongst some of the fans appears to be Twilight star Ashley Greene and the actress has admitted to being a fan of the series of books.

Green has the beauty and the innocence to pull of the sultry Ana, in the meantime catapulting herself to the A-List.

- Amanda Seyfried

Amanda Seyfried does have a youthful and innocent look that lends itself perfectly to the role of Ana and she has a sweet and seductive side to her.

She is now an experienced actress and so could hold this big role comfortably and confidently with roles in Mamma Mia, Dear John as well as TV series Big Love.

- Kristen Stewart

Fifty Shades of Grey did kick off as Twilight fan-fiction so not too sure whether this is a particularly a great role for here as she tries to move away from the franchise.

But there is something about Stewart as an actress that perhaps is not quite right for this role despite the fact that she does have that innocent look.

Other names that could well be in the running include the likes of Lily Collins, Lucy Hale, Leighton Meester while Anne Hathaway has also been mentioned - however at twenty nine she is perhaps too old for the part.

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