It's Complicated

It's Complicated

There are some times when nothing but a big hug from your favorite movie will do to make the bad things in life disappear, if only temporarily.

Meryl Streep’s new film It’s Complicated is another success story in Meryl’s long history of creating heart-warming stories that can reassure you when life gets tough, and prove that people aren’t all bad when the world seems at its worst.

This is a quick look at some of the cinematic gems that have long been comforters of the sad, poorly or for those just looking for some good clean fun;


Ah, Sandy and Danny; the whiter than white Australian ‘hopelessly devoted’ to the greased up T-Bird. This rocky romance takes us through learning to smoke, angels giving advice to career challenged teenagers (‘Beauty School dropout’ anyone?), and some good old fashioned leather.

Sandy’s miraculous transformation at the end of the film has inspired many a teenage make over, and who doesn’t love those swinging outfits?

Four Weddings and a Funeral

A British classic, Four Weddings is a lesson in life, love and loss. Even after 20 viewings the funeral still has the ability to bring us to our knees with grief, while who can resist the careless charm of Hugh Grant in the 90’s?

The wide ranging cast is a showcase in British talent, and it not only has the enviable position as one of our most loved films, but it also holds the (more questionably desirable) title for most hated female lead. Had she really not noticed that it was still raining..?

Bridget Jones’ Diary

Struggling 30-something Bridget is a lovely reassurance to all the single ladies out there that no matter how much you think you will end your days with eventual eating by Alsatian on your bedroom floor - love will happen, although possible from an unexpectedly saucy source!

Filled with hilarious man fights, and the gratifying reminder that friends will always be there to provide support, Bridget Jones’ Diary is enough to put the smile on anyone’s face.

Sleepless in Seattle

Meg Ryan’s slightly disillusioned but still hopeful Annie is delightful in this attempt to pin down the romance in life that all young (and not so young) girls dream of.

Not allowing weedy fiancés, transport difficulties or the thousands of miles between them get in the way she wins through to get her man, aided by the machinations of a small child – all the elements necessary for a perfectly formed comfort film classic.

Mamma Mia

When this all-singing all-dancing extravaganza hit the box office back in 2008, little did we know that it would come to be as close to our hearts as any film out there with Meryl Streep proving once again that she can do it all.

The sun, the intrigue and the drama have cemented Mamma Mia as a firm favorite amongst women everywhere (and let’s be honest, most men too!) Of course, the fact that we can also sing along to all our favorite ABBA tunes while watching the film was unlikely to do it a disservice, was it?

Pretty Woman

Not necessarily one for the feminists in the crowd, but Pretty Woman is adored by women worldwide for Julia Roberts’ spunky but vulnerable Vivian, while Richard Gere’s Edward is a lesson to aspiring rom-com hero’s everywhere. With nice old rich men thrown together with drug dealers and prostitutes Pretty Woman keeps the drama going from start to finish, and we love it! 

Dirty Dancing

“Nobody puts baby in the corner” – how true these words have become! Dirty Dancing’s combination of sweaty dancing and the underlying moral tale has lead to the film becoming a firm favorite amongst any right minded woman; what with the bad guy getting his come-uppance and Patrick getting the gal, this film has all the yummy ingredients needed to make us swoon with delight.

It’s A Wonderful Life

A truly timeless masterpiece showing the ultimately mankind isn’t all that bad; It’s A Wonderful Life see’s life go horribly wrong for George Bailey and his family.

Ultimately (after the arrival of a guardian angel) his whole neighborhood rallies around the Bailey’s, proving that life is really worth living.

This is a great one to watch when you’re starting to doubt that your friends and family would care if you packed your bags and went to live in Outer Mongolia…

It’s Complicated is in cinemas on 8th January