Yes, there’s definitely some truth to this movie. Initially the way it was written was one of the killers gets off completely free and I always thought against that because I didn’t believe that just by grassing on the other person you would get off scot free. 

In the end it didn’t but what I did realise was how often that happens, or even that there is a possibility for that to happen. Basically just by grassing on other people, you can hugely reduce your sentence.

So sometimes it feels like there is a huge lack of justice in this system and how much this plea bargaining goes on and how little say the victims have.

- Tell us about Jamie Foxx and his character ‘Nick Rice’?

I’ve learned a lot from Jamie, he’s a very, very smart guy and talented. He makes Nick smooth, charismatic, he’s intelligent, he’s witty. But at the end of the day he’s a good man as well He’s a good family man.

- The film’s pretty intense, did you have fun on set?

I think most of the fun I had with Jamie was in going out.  We could always have a laugh together, but once we got inside this cage it was pretty serious but I mean when we went out on the town we had some fun stories.

- When I watched Law Abiding Citizen there was a lot of reaction to some scenes in this movie.  Do you think that’s because some of theses scenes are just so shocking people are blown away?

It is going be a pretty memorable experience for the audience.  There’s just something that’s a little tweaked which is unusual as well as the great cast, it’s been brilliantly directed and shot so cool, you just want to sit there and watch it. 

But on top of that it has got this really unusual story that kind of turns everything on its head and then the way especially myself as a character, the things I do, it always cuts ahead of what you expect.

This movie has so many shocking and surprising moments, it’s gripping and you never really know what is going to happen. I’ve been into a couple of screenings and you can literally feel the audience grasping onto their seats and even applauding.

It all comes from a true yet entertaining place. I think that there’s a lot of mind-blowing stuff, it never fails to disappoint.

Law Abiding Citizen is released on 27 November

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