The gangster genre has been such an exciting one and this week sees Lawless continue that great trend.

Today we continue our look at some of the best gangster movies of all time and it Goodfellas that we will be casting out eye over today.

It's hard to believe that Goodfellas is over twenty years old as it won over critics and audiences when it was released back in 1990.

And while Martin Scorsese has gone on to make many a good movie this Goodfellas is widely regarded as his finest hour - not to mention it is one of the greatest movies in this genre of all time.

The movie was an adaptation of Nicholas Pileggi's best selling Wiseguy and it was a film that organised the life of organised crime.

What was so great about this movie is it wasn't just about members of the mob is looked at their family and friends and all of them get caught up in this life - even if they are not directly involved.

One of Scorsese's great assets as a director is he is ability to tell a story and what makes this movie so powerful is this is a genre of film that he really connects with and understands.

The script is tight and the actors really are on top form bringing these characters to life but Scorsese is the driving force behind this movie.

It is the technical elements that he used to shoot the film is really what makes it such a powerful watch as he includes unbroken takes, slow motion and fast cutting - all of which contribute to the pulsing pace.

Before Goodfellas Scorsese was a very respected and loved director but after Goodfellas he was a real directing powerhouse as he influenced a generation of filmmakers.

The movie is action packed, violent as well as being stylish and superbly acted - there really is a rock and roll feel to the movie.

Goodfellas is not only one of the best movies in this genre but it is widely recognised as one of the greatest American movies of all time.

Lawless is out now

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