Ides Of March

Ides Of March

We haven't seen the lovely George Clooney grace the big screen since The American last year.

But fear not Clooney fans the Oscar winning actor is set to make his return with new project Ides of March.

Not only is he back in front of this camera with Ides of March but the film also sees him return to the director's chair for the first time since Leatherheads back in 2008.

And with Clooney in the director's chair and also penning the script with Grant Heslov it's not surprising that a flock of talented stars find themselves on the cast list.

Ryan Gosling, Marisa Tomei, Evan Rachel Wood, Paul Giamatti and Philip Seymour Hoffman, I told you it was am impressive line-up,  will all star in the movie - could this be another Oscar nomination for George?

The movie follows a  young communications director works for a fast-rising presidential candidate.

During the course of the campaign, the idealistic young man falls prey to the backstabbing and other dirty trickery of seasoned rival politicos.

The Ides of March is set to open the Venice Film Festival and will arrive in cinemas on 28th October.

Take a look at the first trailer for the movie:

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