How do you find the pressure of theatre work, having to get it right first time? Do you have a favourite film, or theatre?

With theatre you get a much more immediate response from the audiences than you do with film which is great energy to work off, but at the same time you can be more of a perfectionist with film.. so I couldn’t chose a favourite.

Have you had any thoughts of moving into TV?

I would love to; I can imagine that the tighter schedules would be a great experience! I believe ‘Salt’ will be televised as well as being released theatrically too

So you are just starting out in your career so what are your dreams and aspirations?

To continue acting, trying new things, and be given new challenges!

Who really inspires you and why?

Meryl Streep is a big inspiration of mine, alongside being such an amazing actress she is an incredibly beautiful person. When watching her work, you never feel like you are watching an actress.

You are very much being ear marked as a talent to keep an eye on so what do you think about comments like that? Does it bring any added pressure? 

Aw thank you, I am just so happy people are excited about my films and I really appreciate everyone’s support endlessly! Ebony Road has in no way been easy, but I would never change anything that’s happened over the last few months.

As well as acting you are still in school so how do you find juggling the two?

I love it, it’s really refreshing to always have something different to go back to.

How important is the education side to you do you intend to continue it or leave it to one side for a while to develop your career?

I really enjoy my school and I don’t think I could ever drop it completely. My teachers are so supportive of my work and whenever I have to miss lessons due to filming they always help make sure I stay on top of my studies!

Finally what's next for you?

Well I am still working on Ebony Road and Salt, and have just finished filming a lead role in a new feature ‘The Accidental Existence of Me’ which will be released next year.

Ebony Road is released in December

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