Jennifer's Body

Jennifer's Body

Megan Fox returns to the big screen this week with the release of her new movie Jennifer's Body, which was penned by Diablo Cody.

A cheerleader with the perfect life becomes the girl from hell when she gets possessed and begins killing boys in a small town.

So for anybody who is thinking of going to watch the movie this weekend and is not 100% sure of
the lingo here is a little terminology guide.

‘Sandbox love’ - The affection that develops between small children in a sand pit and lasts for eternity.

‘Lesbigay' - A rather close relationship between two girls at high school, who may or may not be playing doctors and nurses instead of doing their homework.

‘Extra salty’ - Salty means attractive but there is a sexual connotation here. So when Chip, Needy’s boyfriend, says she’s ‘soy sauce,’ that’s a lovely compliment.

‘Smells like Thai food’ - Meaning the whiff of sexual activity is evidenced in the air.

‘You’re lime green jello’ - What Iago attempts to generate in Othello, the green eyed monster jealousy.

‘Morsels’ Boys' - men, that  can be devoured as a mere starter rather than a main course. An extra salty morsel would denote a very attractive boy.

‘Smart bombs’ - Breasts. As Jennifer explains; ‘point ‘em in the right direction and shit gets real.’

‘Shutties’ - No, don’t speak. Or in cockney ‘shut your gob.’

‘Move-on dot org’ - When one has had enough of talking about a particular subject or emotion.

‘Crossing you out’ [with hand gesture] When deeply irritated by a friend, you are metaphorically eradicating them.

‘Slam you later’ - See you later but with more impact. i.e; it’s impossible to see Jennifer without being stunned.

‘A wettie’ - referencing female arousal, this is a woman’s equivalent to the ‘hard-on.’

‘They went Benihaha on my ass’  - They cut and shredded her like they were preparing mass-market and rather cheap sushi.

‘She’s about as emo as a breast implant’ - A derogatory description of a woman whose angst is as profound as silicon.

‘Varsity moves’ - When you have sexual competence beyond graduation.

‘You seemed like you might be pluggin’ - Have ‘the painters and decorators in,’ surfing the crimson tide, in the middle of your period.

Jennifer's Body is released 6th November

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