American actress Kate Bosworth had steadily been building up her Hollywood profile moving from blockbusters like Superman Returns to more off beat movies like Wonderland.Despite being interested in an acting career Bosworth never had any training devoting her time instead to being a competitive horse racer.Her ability to ride landed her her first role in 1998 movie The Horse Whisperer, the film needed an experienced horse rider.By 2001, after a small part in Remember the Titans, Bosworth moved to Los Angeles in a bid to get better movie roles.The move paid off as her breakthrough role came in 2002 when she landed the lead in surfing movie Blue Crush.Anne Marie is a determined surfer who shares a beachside shack with her best friends Eden (Michelle Rodriguez) and Lena (Sanoe Lake), and younger sister Penny (Mika Boorem).

Just days away from the infamous Rip Masters surfing contest, Anne Marie's life is thrown into turmoil.

After being fired from her housekeeping job at a luxury resort hotel, she is courted by the hunky NFL quarterback Matt Tollman (Matthew Davis).

As she tries to contain the wild emotions that are threatening to overwhelm her, Anne Marie tries to come to terms with a surfing accident from her past that nearly killed her.

In order to survive the contest's deadly, crushing waves, Anne Marie must reach deep within herself to find the courage necessary to come out on top.

While the film faired ok with the critics it was considered a moderate hit grossing just over $21 million more than it's budget.

However it was a star making turn for Bosworth.

With this new found success she diverted away from the mainstream pictures to star in some indie movies including The Rules of Attraction and Wonderland, about the pornographic film star John Holmes.

Starring opposite Kevin Spacey in 2004's Beyond the Sea, a biopic of Bobby Darin, was next for the young actress.

For Bobby Darin, performing was his life. It kept his heart beating. He came alive onstage, even when he was near collapse offstage.

From the age of seven, Walden Robert Cassotto--Little Bobby knows the odds are stacked against him.

Rheumatic fever has permanently damaged his heart, and he's not expected to make it to age fifteen.

Bobby's family pour all their energies into caring for him. Bobby's frail heart may be one truth, but his mother Polly, a former singer, introduces her boy to another wonderful truth: music.

Music becomes Bobby's bargaining chip against time; he's not only singing, but also playing piano, drums and guitar before he even hits his teens.

Music takes him into a world beyond the Bronx, and beyond sickness. It's a world of effortlessly swinging songs, and couples dancing to the lilt of Bobby's voice. Bobby has a plan, and no heart ailment will stop him.

When he kicks off his acting career, he meets movie star Sandra Dee (Kate Bosworth) while filming Come September in Italy. He falls for her, but has to jump through hoops to get around MARY (Greta Scacchi), Sandy's possessive and overbearing mother.

Despite her protests Bobby and Sandy get married and seem like the perfect Hollywood fairytale couple.

But the conflict of her acting career and his touring puts a strain on the relationship. His dogged pursuit of fame and fortune isolates him from the very people who love him and believe in him. His master plan for 'Bobby Darin the star' doesn't leave much room for 'Bobby Darin the man'.

While the film was met with mediocre reviews from the critics Bosworth once again highlighted her range and ability to move from different types of roles.

She moved on to the big budget blockbuster as she landed the role of Lois Lane in Bryan Singer's Superman Returns.

The film was a hit critically and commercially grossing over $391 million internationally, although it was expected to do better especially when compared to Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead man's Chest which grossed just over $1 billion the same summer.

Kate Bosworth's new picture 21 has enjoyed critical and commercial success topped the American box office.

The film, which also stars Kevin Spacey, is the real life story of how the brilliant minds of a group of MIT student took Vegas for millions.

21 is released 11th April

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