Kristin Scott Thomas in Sarah's Key

Kristin Scott Thomas in Sarah's Key

Kristin Scott Thomas is without doubt, one of the most talented, interesting and idiosyncratic actresses working today. From mainstream hits like Four Weddings and A Funeral to European arthouse films like I loved You So Long, her films are always an event to look forward to.

Her latest project is Sarah's Key, a powerful tale of Nazi-occupied France, and is no exception. It's released on Augst 5th, which gives us the perfect opportunity to look down her most notable roles to date....

Under The Cherry Moon

Scott Thomas’ first major screen role was opposite Prince in the follow-up to his smash hit film debut Purple Rain.

The film bombed however, perhaps unsurprisingly as it was shot in black and white and was almost completely free of musical numbers (probably the only reason anyone would go and see a Prince movie in the first place).

Never the less, Scott Thomas proved herself to be a striking screen presence and was perhaps the only person to come out of the project with any dignity.

A Handful of Dust

In this adaptation of Evelyn Waugh’s classic novel of the same name saw Scott Thomas star alongside a host of heavyweight acting talent including Judi Dench, Rupert Graves, Alec Guinness and Anjelica Huston.

She completely held her own and her performance as scheming divorcee Brenda Last caused many to single her out as a talent to watch.

The English Patient

The late Anthony Minghella’s epic romance swept the board at 1996 Academy Awards, picking up Best Picture and Best Director amongst it’s haul.

Scott Thomas was nominated (but didn’t win) for playing the object of the affection of Ralph Finnes’ heavily burnt patient, who relates in flashback how she is ultimately responsible for his condition.

Gosford Park

A virtual who’s who of British acting talent starred in Robert Altman’s 1930’s set murder mystery, Including Stephen Fry, Clive Owen, Derek Jacobi, Helen Mirren, Kelly MacDonald, Richard E Grant, Michael Gambon and Maggie Smith. Despite this epic cast, Scott Thomas still stood out as the owner of the titular residence.

Tell No One

Guillame Canet’s cracking adaptation of Harlan Coben was an international smash, taking a English-language novel from an American author and transplanting it to Paris.

Scott Thomas raised eyebrows in England by delivering her lines in perfect French, but she’d français parlé onscreen as far back as 1988’s Lounge Chair. She has in fact raised her family in Paris and gone on record to say she considers herself more French than English.

I’ve Loved You So Long

Scott Thomas gave another flawless performance in French as a woman who is released from prison after fifteen years of incarceration.

She slowly begins to reconnect with her family, whilst the spectre of the undisclosed nature of her crime hovers over them. A riveting, harrowing film, anchored by one of the greatest performances in Scott Thomas’ career.

Nowhere Boy

In artist's Sam Taylor Wood's film about John Lennon's teenage years, Scott Thomas played the semi-mythical Mimi Smith, the aunt who had such a powerful influence on the future-Beatles life.

The film hit the headlines after Taylor Wood began dating the film's teenage star Aaron Johnson, but the gossip should not detract from what is a very powerful family drama whether you are a Beatles fan or not.

Sarah's Key

Kristin Scoot Thomas give another tour de force performance in her latest film, adapted from the novel by Tatiana de Rosnay, playing a journalist in the present day investigating the experiences of a young girl in Nazi-occupied France. It's a wonderfully acted, powerful, string and ultimately heartbreaking piece of work.

Sarah's Key is in cinemas August 5.