Liam Hemsworth

Liam Hemsworth

He is back on the big screen this week as one of the new faces in The Expendables 2 - as he joins forces with the likes of Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham.

But like so many Aussie actors the young Hemsworth kicked off his acting career in Home and Away before going into the likes of McLeod's Daughters and Neighbours.

In 2010 it looked like his big break had come when he was set to star in The Expendables until his character was dropped from the script.

He lost the role of Thor to his older brother Chris but landed the big screen adaptation of Nicholas Sparks' novel The Last Song.

The movie, which also starred Miley Cyrus, proved to be a real foothold into the U.S. movie industry for the young actor as it enjoyed some success at the box office.

But it has been 2012 that has really been the standout year for the actor so far as The Hunger Games hit the big screen to mammoth success.

Hemsworth took on the role of Gale Hawthorne in the movie, which was an adaptation of the popular novels by Suzanne Collins.

The movie won over the critics and stormed to a box office gross of over $684 million, making it one of the biggest grossing movies of the year behind the likes of Avengers Assemble, The Dark Knight Rises and Ice Age: Continental Drift.

The second movie The Hunger Games: Catching Fire has been given the green light and is set to begin filming later this year.

Excitement is already building around the movie as Hemsworth, Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson are all set to return.

Francis Lawrence will be the new director at the helm and Philip Seymour Hoffman and Jena Malone are just two of the new actors on the cast list.

While Hemsworth may have been left out of The Expendables this summer's sequel sees him back on the cast list.

The actor is set to play Bill the Kid while Stallone, Statham, Jet Li, Dolph Lundgren, Bruce Willis and Arnold Schwarzenegger all reprise their roles.

And if you are enjoying seeing Hemsworth on the big screen than you are going be seeing a whole lot more of the actor has a host or projects in the pipeline.

He has already completed work on Love and Honor and Empire State, the latter sees him team up with Dwayne Johnson.

He is currently filming Paranoia with Gary Oldman and Harrison Ford while Timeless and Arabia Nights are just two of the movies on the horizon.

The Expendables is released 16th August

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