Madonna is set to make a return to the big screen later this year, but not in front of the camera but behind it, with her new movie W.E.

The film has already been screened on the festival circuit but now her second directorial effort is coming to London for the BFI London Film Festival, which begins next week.

Madonna has been involved in the movie industry for many years as she juggled both a singing and an acting career.

She made her debut in 1983 with A Certain Sacrifice before going onto Vision Quest two years later.

But she is perhaps best known for her role in the likes of Desperately Seeking Susan, Who's The Girl, Dick Tracy and A League of Their Own, all coming in the space of seven years.

But it is for her role as Eva Peron in Evita that she will always be remembered - a role that brought her the most critical success.

After some trouble on the acting side of things, we all remember the awful Swept Away, she has turned her hand to directing.

She made her debut with Filth and Wisdom back in 2008 - a script that she also penned.

But 2011 see's her return to the director's chair with W.E., another project that she has also penned herself.

W.E. is a romantic exploration of the mysterious connection across decades between two women confronting the consequences of desire.

Caught in a loveless Manhattan marriage, abused and frustrated Wally (Abbie Cornish) obsesses over Wallis Simpson (Andrea Riseborough), the stylish American divorcee who captured the heart of Edward the VIII (James D’Arcy) who abdicated the throne as King of England.

And Madonna has brought together an impressive cast for the project, including rising star  Andrea Riseborough; who has already made a name for herself this year with Brighton Rock.

James D’Arcy, Oscar Isaac and Abbie Cornish are all also on the cast list.

The BFI London Film Festival runs 12 27 October.

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