Men In Black III

Men In Black III

It will have been ten years since Men In Black II hit the big screen, yes it was 2002, by the time Men In Black III finally hits the big screen.

It is a project that has been in the pipeline and has been talked about for many year but next summer Agent J and Agent K will be back on the big screen.

And we have the first trailer for that movie for you to take a sneak peak:

Barry Sonnenfeld is back in the director's chair while Will Smith, who we haven't seen on the big screen since Seven Pounds, and Tommy Lee Jones reprise their roles.

But there are plenty of new faces on the cast list third time around as Alice Eve, Josh Brolin and Emma Thompson are all aboard.

The movie follows J on his time travelling hunt for K who has been dead for thirty years - something strange is definitely going on.

Oh and we see Agent K as we have never seen him before!!

Men In Black III is released 25th May.

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