Movie 43

Movie 43

We’ve all been there. We’re sitting there, getting really into a movie and all of a sudden a too true-to-life embarrassing moment happens, and you can’t help but squirm!

The scenes that you feel like you should look away but you just can’t stop watching is what Movie 43 is made of. In celebration of its upcoming release to cinemas we put together some of the most cringe worthy scenes in film out there.

- Movie 43: Though there was a huge pool to pick from, one of the most cringe worthy scenes is when Chloe Grace Mortez’s character gets her period while she is at her boyfriend’s house.

As if a girl becoming a woman isn’t life changing enough, it has to happen in front of her boyfriend and his friend while they are just hanging out. The whole scene has you holding your breathe while they come up with ridiculous plans of what they should do about it.

- Along Came Polly: After Ben Stiller’s characters wife cheats on him during their honeymoon he doesn’t think anything can get worse. Wait until you hear about this scene that has you asking yourself, 'Why?!'

Stiller’s character goes on a date with Jennifer Aniston’s character to a restaurant that serves Moroccan and he soon finds out that it doesn’t agree to well with his stomach.

He finally makes it to the bathroom at her apartment where everything that can go wrong does, from running out of toilet paper to clogging the toilet. Stiller makes a mess and you can’t help but cringe while watching him clean it up.

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- American Pie: One of the most cringe worthy scenes in this movie is the scene of where the movie gets its name from. When Jason Bigg’s character asks his friends what third base feels like they tell him 'like warm apple pie.'

That is exactly what he did. While you sit there, embarrassed for him, thinking this must be a low for him, his dad walks in on him. At this point you can’t help but to squirm uncomfortably in your seat.

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- Meet the Parents: First impressions are important; especially when it’s your girlfriends’ parents you’re meeting. The dinner scene when Ben Stiller meets his girlfriends’ parents is a chain of unfortunate events that couldn’t have worked out worse for him.

After uncomfortable tension between him and his girlfriends father the scene ends with him knocking over his girlfriends’ grandmothers urn with a Champagne cork and the cat peeing in it. It will have you watching through your fingers until it’s over.

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- Little Miss Sunshine: What made us pick the scene in this movie is that not only does it makes you cringe, but makes you smile. Abigail Breslins’ character makes it into a pageant that she is determined to be in, she even makes up her own dance for the talent portion.

She starts performing the dance, which is a provocative dance to Super Freak by Rick James that has the audience speechless. To show their support for her, her family gets up on stage and joins her. It is a mess to watch but it makes you happy seeing how happy they are together.

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- Euro Trip: Four friends in Europe together after their high school graduation, what could go wrong? Well when all of their money gets stolen and they end up hitchhiking to Bratislava instead of Berlin they decide to make the best of it.

After consuming a good amount of Absinthe two of the friends start making out. Did I forget to mention that they are fraternal twins? Yes, on screen the two were just as mortified as the audience when they realize what they were doing.

- Bridesmaid: A movie that is filled with comedic women for the lead roles is filled with a variety of different scenes to choose from for most cringe worthy.

The one that sticks out the most to us is when the women go dress shopping. All of the women get food poisoning from some bad meat that they ate at lunch and it has them all running around with noises and bile coming out of both ends of their bodies. It is disgusting to watch but impossible to look away.

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- Wanderlust: A hippie commune is not a place you would expect to find Paul Rudd and Jennifer Aniston. It is where you will find them in the movie Wanderlust, where they are completely taken out of their comfort zone.

One of the most cringe worthy scenes is when Paul Rudd’s character is giving himself a pep talk in the bathroom mirror.

It makes you feel as if you are watching something that you’re not supposed to be watching but your eyes and ears are fixed on it.

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- There’s Something About Mary: Ben Stiller has made another appearance on our list. Similar to his past roles, he is trying to impress a girl and everything goes all wrong.

One of the most awkward scenes in this movie is when Stillers’ character is in the bathroom before he goes to prom and when he’s zipping up his pants, he somehow manages to get himself caught in the zipper.

Both of his date’s parents come in to help and a police officer then shows up to help. It is terribly embarrassing for him.

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- Superbad: Insecure and awkward high school boys make for great comedy. It is no surprise that the boys in this movie have the intention of getting with their long time crushes before they go to college.

This leads us to our last cringe worthy scene where Michael Cera’s character is finally about to get lucky when things take a turn for the worst and his girl pukes all over the bed.

The whole scene is Cera in an uncoordinated attempt to get with a girl; therefore it will have you cringing the whole time.

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There we have it, the most noteworthy scenes in film that you can’t help but cringe at their awkward, uncomfortable feeling it gives you.

Especially since they are all so realistic! Don’t forget to head out on the 25th of January to see Movie 43 and experience it for yourself!