Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman has had one hell of year after she turned in a stunning performance in Black Swan - a role that saw her pick up a Best Actress Oscar.

Portman is an actress who has been held in high esteem for many years and she lived up to that this year when she played Nina in Darren Aronofsky’s movie.

Portman is truly sublime in this movie giving a very powerful and emotional performance as Nina's world slowly starts to unravel.

This is a role and a character that has allowed Portman to show off just how fine and actress she can be and her haunting performance as this troubled dancer will keep you hooked from the start of the movie until when the credit roll.

Portman takes Nina from the brittle and frail ballerina someone who is battling with her dark side as her role as the Swan Queen slowly starts to take over her life.

This is the finest performance from Portman to date and she deserved all of the praise and accolades that came her way - this really is a fine performance.

She moved into the big budget blockbuster in the summer with the excellent Thor, in which she took on the role of Jane Foster.

Directed by Kenneth Branagh this is the first time that Thor had been brought to the big screen as Portman teamed up with Chris Hemsworth - who took on the title role

For me personally Thor was one of the best movies that hit the big screen this summer - great script, beautifully directed by Branagh, as well as some great chemistry between Hemsworth and Portman.

In a movie such as this it is great to see the character of Jane Foster as a strong, intelligent and independent woman rather than a silly girl who is just there to look good.

Away from these two great performances Portman has dabbled with comedy this year with Your Highness and No Strings Attached - neither movie proving to be a hit with the critics.

We haven’t seen Portman in the big screen since Thor as she has taken time off to have her first child.

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