Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

Nina Dobrev as Elena Gilbert

To celebrate the release of The Vampire Diaries Season 3 on DVD and to get everyone’s appetites whetted for the new instalment of Twilight at the end of the year we wanted to take a look at both of the series’ leading ladies.

Elena Gilbert and Bella Swan have more in common than most, both fell in love with boys who turned out to be vampires, and over the past year have become Vampires themselves.

Bella after giving birth to Edward Cullen’s baby and Elena after almost dying was given vampire blood, which caused her to become a vampire.


- Love life: Has an on-off relationship with Stefan Salvatore and in the third season as Stefan was drawn to the dark side, began to fall for Stefan’s brother Damon.

- Style: Loves the classic- all American style, and is frequently seen in jeans, trainers, vests and t-shirts often topped off with a leather jacket. She also loves to add to the mystery and fantasy element of the show by wearing rich purple, red and green colours.

- Looks: Elena is the classic girl next door; she’s tall, slim and beautiful and is fought over by many of the boys in Mystic Falls.

- Family: After her parents died in a car crash, lives with her brother Jeremy and her Aunt Jenna.

- Friends: Best friends with Bonnie Bennett and Caroline Forbes, who turned out to be a witch and vampire respectively!


- Love life: Has a relationship with vampire Edward Cullen, and married him in Twilight: Breaking Dawn. She was also pursued by werewolf Jacob, and although she realises she does love him- it’s not the intense love she has for Edward.

- Style: Beloved of dark colours, she mainly wears shirts, jeans and trainers

- Looks: Very pretty with dark hair and ghostly pale skin, she attracted many of the boys in Forks before she met Edward. After her transformation to a Vampire she becomes even more beautiful with even paler skin, red eyes and straight dark hair.

- Family: In the first of the Twilight films moved from Phoenix, Arizona to live with her dad Charlie in Washington. She has no siblings.

- Friends: She is good friends with Edward’s sister Alice Cullen who often tries to dress her up. She also becomes good friends with Rosalie Hale after the birth of her daughter. Her closest human friends are Jessica Stanley and Angela Webber who she met and bonded with at school after she moved to Washington.

From looking at both of these lovely ladies, it’s clear that they have way more in common than we probably thought and it’s unsurprising that they have both attracted similar Vampire boys!

Catch Elena getting into all kinds of scrapes in The Vampire Diaries: The Complete Third Season out now on Blu-ray and DVD.