Project X

Project X

To celebrate the release of Project X on Blu-ray Triple Play, DVD and Digital Download, (produced by Todd Phillips, director of The Hangover), here’s a list of films where the geek gets the girl, just like Thomas in Project X!

- American Pie (1999)

American Pie follows four guys who make a pact to lose their virginity before high school graduation.

The central character is in such disarray when it comes to sexual experience that his Dad buys him pornography to explain the ins and outs (quite literally). Jim, best known for getting caught up with superglue and apple pies, has his sights on Czechoslovakia exchange student Nadia.

Nadia pops round Jim’s for assistance with her school work but things turn messy as Jim lures her in with his classy pornography collection...thanks to Stifler the premature shenanigans are broadcast to the internet via Jim’s webcam.

In the end it’s band girl geek Michelle who steals Jim’s heart but that’s not to say the geek well and truly punched above his weight with Nadia.

- The Matrix (1999)

Whilst Neo might not initially spring to mind as a conventional geek...most have you have probably forgotten he was a professional hacker before he was tagged ‘The Chosen One’.

After swallowing the red pill, Neo’s life changed completely...a world in which he met his love interest ‘Trinity’.

Having been told by the Oracle that the she would fall in love with ‘The Chosen One’ all Neo has to do is impress her with his charm, wit and most importantly...his ability to dodge bullets.

- Spiderman (2002)

High school senior Peter parker lives with his Aunt and Uncle in a quiet borough in New York.  Peter’s crush on Jane, the girl next door (Kirsten Dunst) never looked like materialising until the day he developed super powers after being bit by a genetically engineered spider.

Peter wakes up the following morning to find he has superior strength, eye sight and is able to emit spider web strings from his wrists, pretty handy right? Peter puts his new abilities to the test by getting in his first fist fight with Jane’s moron of a boyfriend.

In the end its Peter who has to rejects Jane as he insists they must remain friends to assure Spiderman’s adversaries don’t target her. Obviously playing the hard to get card!

- The Girl Next Door (2004)

Elisha Cuthbert boys and girls, it doesn’t get much more ‘girl next door’ than Elisha...hence the title. Matthew Kidman is a bright high school senior who is looking to pursue a career in politics.

With graduation looming, Matthew struggles to find anything particularly memorable from his high school years...that’s until he bumps into the gorgeous Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert). Both characters are from polar opposites of the spectrum, Matthew politics and Danielle (as later discovered...) Porn.

The film concludes with Matthew driving a BMW into Georgetown University having won over Danielle and declared her his girlfriend. Well played sir.

- Transformers (2007)

Winning over your crush with robots, not quite as difficult as it sounds when you take into account these robots can take the shape of high end sports car and assist you with saving the world.

The responsibility falls on Sam Witwicky who has the hots for class-mate Mikaela (Megan Fox) who joins Sam in his quest.  The whole saving the world thing turns out to be quite a turn on....

- Superbad (2007)

Superbad much like American Pie, focuses on three friends who are on a quest to lose their virginity. Evan, Seth and Fogle are all on a mission to buy mass amounts of alcohol so they can turn up to the biggest house part of the summer looking like the big dawgs and score with girls.

The most obvious geek is undoubtedly Fogle, better known as McLovin after securing a counterfeit driving license from the residence of Hawaii. McLovin has a successful evening but is ‘cock-blocked’ by his police buddies. Evan and Seth’s night’s finish with vomit and head butts. Not quite as successful.

- Kick- Ass (2010)

Avid comic book fan, Dave Lizewski is a geeky teen that spends his time in his bedroom dreaming about becoming a real life super hero.  Despite having no legitimate super powers, Dave gives himself the title ‘Kick Ass’ and parades around town in a homemade costume.

Dave and his alter ego heroically intervene in a gang attack which is recorded by a bystander and uploaded to the internet. Meanwhile at school, Dave is suspected of being gay and uses the opportunity to get close to lifetime crush Katie who has always wanted a ‘BFF’.

Dave develops a strong bond with Katie before revealing he is not only a superhero, but straight, score!

- Scott Pilgrim (2010)

Scott Pilgrim has no job and spends his days sitting around playing Nintendo or jamming with his band named after a villain in the Super Mario series, this is one cool dude! He’s not totally lame though...he does have a girlfriend, albeit a high school girl who’s 6 years younger than him (a tad weird no).

Scott soon falls for Ramona, a mysterious girl who roller blades around town delivering packages for Amazon (She’s more appealing than she sounds) In order to officially go out with Ramona, Scott has to defeat her seven evil exes, here’s where all the years of curling up to the Nintendo come into use.

Project X is available on Blu-ray Triple Play, DVD and Digital Download now