Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

You can't look at iconic movies of the nineties without discussing the impact of Pulp Fiction.

The movie was one of the most influential of the decade as maverick filmmaker Tarantino showed that a none linear structure really could work in a movie.

This was a spectacular piece of pop culture that revitalised John Travolta's career as well as taking the world by storm.

The movie grossed over $107 million at the U.S. box office it became the most successful cult hit of all time and the first indie film to gross over $100 million. And the film was made for just $8 million.

Pulp Fiction still remains one of the most commercially successful independent movies as Tarantino once again highlighted the growing interest in this genre of film and it could do well at the box office if marketed successfully.

One of the strongest aspects of this movie was the script and it's uniqueness as Tarantino mixed incredibly strong violence with humour and this is a script that is so thrillingly alive.

Pulp Fiction is a movie that is so entertaining and, at nearly twenty years old, it has not lost that spark.

But a great script needs a great cast and Tarantino got that, mainly in the form of Samuel L. Jackson & John Travolta.

Now delivering these performances on their own would have been worth the price of the admission ticket but together they have a chemistry that is incredibly special.

Vincent Vega & Jules Winnfield are the heart and soul of this movie as two mob hit men who are trying to understand the meaning of life.

But what is so great about this movie is Tarantino has filled it with iconic moments from dancing at Jack Rabbit Slims to 'Royale With Cheese' - not to mention a truly stunning soundtrack and poster.

A whole host of directors have tried the none linear script and pop culture movie since the release of Pulp Fiction but this piece of work from Tarantino remains head and shoulders above the others.

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