The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises

The Oscars 2013 really are just around the corner and everyone is looking at who will be the potential runners and riders when the nominations are announced in January.

But of course where there are some films and performances that will be jumping for joy at a nomination there will be some feeling bitterly disappointed because they missed out.

So we take a look at some of the films and turns that could well be overlooked when the nominated are revealed just before the Golden Globes.

When it comes to Best Picture it all depends on how many films they decide to choose for the category - they can pick from anywhere between five and ten.

While 2010 and 2011 both had ten movies battling it out for Best Picture last year there were only nine nominations - I don't think many people would argue that Tinker Tailors Soldier Spy should really have made it ten.

The likes of Lincoln, Argo and The Master have rapidly been gaining support so don't be surprised to see them nominated.

Rust and Bone has been a hit on the festival circuit but everyone does seem to be talking about Marion Cotillard's performance so the movie itself could miss out - which would be a really shame as it is a fantastic film.

But movies such as Life of Pi and Cloud Atlas that had been tipped are most likely to be the films that miss out. Another movie that I expect to see overlooked is Django Unchained but it would great to be to see it in the mix.

There has been much speculation about which blockbusters may take their place in the Best Picture category with strong cases being made for both The Dark Knight Rises and Skyfall - both of which did extremely well at the box office.

But the Academy rarely listens to what the average cinema viewer likes and the blockbuster could well be overlooked.

The Dark Knight was scandalously overlooked in the nominations a few years back - are they really going to include a movie that is not as good?

As for Skyfall many believe, and I include myself in this, that the movie is worthy of a Best Picture nod but it is likely to miss out.

Of course we are all waiting eagerly for The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey to hit the big screen - could this be the film that flies the blockbuster flag?

The acting categories are a little harder to predict but the likes of Daniel Day Lewis and Joaquin Phoenix should find themselves nominated.

While there was early support for the likes of Bill Murray in Hyde Park on Hudson he is likely to miss out and perhaps Hugh Jackman's turn as Jean Valjean may possibly get over looked.

In the actress category a nomination of Marion Cotillard is virtually a certainty - in fact don't be surprised it she win - as her performance is just superb in Rust and Bone.

Helen Hunt is also being tipped for a nod for her role in The Session but I expect Laura Linney to miss out for Hyde Park on Hudson.

There is also talk about Jennifer Lawrence for Silver Linings Playbook and Quvenzhane Wallis for Beasts of the Southern Wild but I expect the latter to miss out.

Keira Knightley is another actress who has been tipped as a possibility for her role in Anna Karenina but she was overlooked for Atonement and could well be overlooked again.

2012/13 has been a fantastic year for movies - and there are still some great Oscar contenders on the horizon - making the battle for Oscar nods fiercer than ever.

And I think we are set for some shock when the nominations are announced January 10th.

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