The Godfather

The Godfather

Today sees us come to the end of our look at some of the best gangster movies as we celebrate the release of Lawless.

We have looked at what makes Reservoir Dogs, Scarface, Road To Perdition and Goodfellas greats in this genre and today we look at The Godfather.

The Godfather is forty years old this year and it was a movie that cemented Marlon Brando as an icon and kicked off the career of Al Pacino.

Forty years on The Godfather remains unparalleled in this genre - with only Part II coming close.

The gangster movie always seemed to struggle at the box office before 1972 but the release of The Godfather changed the way that this genre was accepted by audiences.

This is a rich and layered movie that looks at family life, family ties and family loyalty and just how far people will go to protect those ideals.

But what is so great about this movie is it doesn't seem to age - and there are not many movies that you can say that about.

But as well as Francis Ford Coppolla being a master behind the camera there are some stunning performances in front of it.

Marlon Brando is the actor that you think about when anyone mentions The Godfather and while Don Vito Corleone may have been softly spoken this actor created one most intimidating characters ever.

Brando has a real presence about him in this movie that is almost larger than life - and yet at not point is in over the or in your face.

The Godfather examines a lifestyle and the repercussions of that lifestyle as well producing some poignant family moments.

But this is a film that delivers on the development of characters, relationships as well as creating an atmosphere that is tense from start to finish.

The Godfather is a movie that has well and truly stood the test of time and shaped the way gangster movies have been made over the last thirty years.

Lawless is out now

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