Toy Story

Toy Story

The nineties was a great decade for animation with Beauty and the Beast becoming the first animated movie to be nominated for Best Picture at the Oscars - but then a movie came along that changed everything.

1995 brought about major changes to the animation genre as Toy Story became the first feature film in history to be produced using only computer animation.

This wasn't only the birth of a great franchise but it changed the way that animated movies were made forever.

Toy Story was an intelligent and sophisticated buddy movie that really highlighted the potential of the animation genre with these new techniques.

And of course over the years Pixar have been behind the likes of Finding Nemo, Wall-E and Toy Story 3, which remains the best of the lot.

But the thing that Toy Story has that has made it such an enduring and much loved franchise is magic - we all remember being a child with the idea that out toys came to life when we weren't around.

Hard to believe that Toy Story is over a decade old but it has such a timeless feel to it because it is such a universal story.

Not to mention that Woody & Buzz are two of the greatest animation characters of all time, and this movie really show the importance of acceptance and friendship.

Oh yes and we heard the immortal words 'to infinity... and beyond' from Buzz Lightyear for the very first time.

And while the movie looks fantastic and really threw the book on boundaries out of the window it is not the technology behind the film that creates this magic.

It's this wonderful story, that appealed just as much to adults as it did to kids, fantastic characters and great chemistry between Tom Hanks & Tim Allen.

The love the audiences have with this franchise is a testament to this stunning first movie.

And while Pix have developed and advanced the animation techniques first seen in Toy Story this nineties movie remains one of the best kids' movies of all time.

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