Trouble With The Curve

Trouble With The Curve

This week the heartwarming drama Trouble With The Curve is set to hit a home run in UK cinemas.

Featuring stellar performances from Clint Eastwood and Amy Adams, Trouble With The Curve centres around a distinguished baseball scout whose estranged, but sympathetic, daughter decides to join him on what could be his last scouting trip.

To celebrate the release of Trouble With The Curve on November 30th, we take a look at other definitive but very different portrayals of the perfect father-daughter relationship.

- The Von Trapps (The Sound of Music - 1965)

In one of the greatest musicals ever in cinema history, the hostile Naval Officer Captain Von Trapp (Christopher Plummer) reacts to his wife’s death by commanding his seven children as he would sailors on a ship.

When a quirky nun enters his household as a governess however, she melts his heart and brings music and joy back to the family. In one poignant moment the eldest daughter Liesl, who remembers when her father used to sing, joins the Captain in a stirring performance of Austrian classic Edelweiss.

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- On Golden Pond (1981)

In a fascinating example of art imitating life, On Golden Pond saw real life father and daughter actors Henry and Jane Fonda explore the elements of a rift between the generations with honesty.

Perhaps the most moving moment is when Chelsea (Jane Fonda) returns to her father’s (Henry Fonda) holiday home and sees the bond that has been established between him and her step son that she’s never felt. Her reaction is truly heartbreaking.

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- The Hilliards (Mrs Doubtfire - 1993)

In a desperate attempt to see his children more after a bitter divorce, Daniel Hillard (Robin Williams) disguises himself as a female housekeeper and gets a job working for his ex-wife.

When his true identity is discovered by his children, his daughter is the first to understand his actions and admit that the restrictions he has faced are unfair and unjust. She promises to keep his secret in order to continue spending every day with her dad.

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- The MacGuffs (Juno - 2007)

When Mac MacGuff (Alan Arkin) learns that his teenage daughter is pregnant, he reacts to every parent’s worst nightmare with compassion and humour, shining light on a situation where a youth would think there was none.

His relationship with eccentric offspring Juno (Ellen Page) reaches a rare touching moment though when she comes home upset and he supportively gives her some words of wisdom on relationships and love.

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- The Macreadys (Kick-Ass - 2010)

In perhaps the coolest father-daughter relationship of film history, Damon Macready (Nicolas Cage) and his daughter Mindy (Chloe Moretz) are crime fighting vigilantes who go by the aliases Big Daddy and Hit Girl respectively.

Despite having an unconventional method of spending time together the pair have a great relationship, albeit one with lots of firepower. In a particularly heartfelt scene, Hit Girl defends her father using every bit of knowledge he taught her as he looks on proudly.

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- The Lobels (Trouble With The Curve - 2012)

When a family friend informs Mickey Lobel (Amy Adams) that her father Gus (Clint Eastwood) is fighting to keep his job with the Atlanta Braves, she agrees to help him out on a scouting trip despite their strained relationship.

Old issues and buried secrets surface, while a lovely moment sees Mickey and Gus work together to prove that instinct is more effective than technology when it comes to identifying talent.

As the trip ends what remains between the two is a heightened sense of respect, a deeper understanding of their actions in the past and the charming belief that family is essential to a happy life.

Trouble With The Curve is in UK cinemas from November 30th

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