Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne

Christian Bale has been a fantastic Batman, and definitely set the bar high for anyone wishing to step into his shoes in the future, (assuming that he’s still willing to give up said shoes), so we’ve taken a look at some of the actors we feel would be up to the job.

Alexander Skarsgård

He’s already proved he can nail the deep, gravelly voice in hit show ‘True Blood’, where he takes on the role of lothario vampire Eric Northman.

Something tells us he wouldn’t be too shabby at saving the city of Gotham whenever it next falls under threat.

We’d love to see him tangled in a battle with The Riddler, or Penguin!

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake’s shown that he can step into just about any role without too much difficulty, and that versatility would make him the perfect candidate for the next Bruce Wayne.

He’s done comedy, he’s done romance, and he’s done creepy. Now we think it’s time he did superhero – just so long as he trims that beard!

Wentworth Miller

Having not done too much since the Prison Break series, Wentworth could give his popularity a much welcomed boost by cracking on the famous mask and cape.

He may have to grow his hair out though, as we’re not sure how we’d feel about Batman with a shorter than short crew cut.

Liam Neeson

He may be quite a bit older than some of the other proposals we’ve put forward, but what Liam has shown in his past roles - more recently that of Bryan in Taken and Taken 2 – is that he can put on a tremendous show, whilst performing most of his own stunts! His bravery is certainly a trait the Dark Knight should possess.

Robert Pattinson

Ok no, we’re just kidding. But imagine… Forget the Dark Knight; bring on the Sparkly Knight!

Alternatively, we could just stray away from Batman entirely, and give Joseph Gordon-Levitt his own movie. (If you haven’t seen the Dark Knight Rises ending, you probably don’t know why we’d suggest such a thing!) It’d certainly be a refreshing take on the superhero genre, and give producers and directors the opportunity to go somewhere nobody has been quite brave enough to go before.

There is the chance that Joseph is already planning to play a part in ‘Justice League’, which is currently scheduled for a 2015 release, but we really feel he deserves his own title entirely!

Who do you think would be the perfect man for the job? Or do you think the Batman series has gone as far as it should go? Let us know in the comments section below, or tweet us at @FemaleFirst_UK

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