Woody Harrelson in Rampart

Woody Harrelson in Rampart

Woody Harrelson started his career as the lovable bartender on the hit series Cheers, but since then he has taken on far darker roles which have boosted him into film stardom.

His most recent film Rampart, out on DVD and Blu-ray July 9, gave Harrelson the opportunity to portray the corruptness of the LAPD as the no holds-bar cop David Brown.

However this most certainly is not the first time that Harrelson as played the captivating 'bad guy.'

Harrelson received his first box office hit with the role as a white basketball player in the highly praised film, White Men Can’t Jump. His role as a street hustler brought him the much deserved praise from critics and audiences all around.

Two years later, following the fame of White Men Can’t Jump, Harrelson next role was the savvy serial killer Mickey Knox in yet another box office smash, Natural Born Killer.

Harrelson’s work in this film showed his flexibility as an actor and proved that no role was too extreme for him.

He delivered a truly electrifying performance in the movie that showed that he had real power and presence as an actor.

From that point on Harrelson’s film career only gained in momentum. He continued on to play iconic roles in films such as King Pin, The Thin Red Line, and his Golden Globe award nominated performance in The People vs. Larry Flint, where he took on the persona of the infamous Hustler Magazine publisher Larry Flint.

Harrelson has never been one to shy away from the role of being the bad guy; in fact he seems to gravitate towards it.

In the film No Country for Old Men he plays the self-satisfied bounty hunter that audiences loved to hate.

That is the talent that Harrelson has acquired over the years, making seemingly unrelatable and arrogant characters irresistible. 

Woody Harrelson isn’t afraid of any role; instead he will take on that role and make sure that audiences can’t turn away from it.

And Rampart is no exception. As the cop with no ethics Harrelson gives an eye-opening performance that shines a light on the LAPD’s unfortunate reputation for being crooked.

The actor has a whole host of projects in the pipeline as he has already completed work on Seven Psychopaths, Now You See Me and Out Of The Furnace.

Rampart is released on DVD & Blu-Ray 9th July.