It is not often that the Academy hand out Oscars in consecutive years to the same person... however, that could happen on Sunday.

Jennifer Lawrence could achieve this rare feat should she scoop the Best Supporting Actress Oscar for American Hustle: the win would come just twelve months after she won Best Actress for Silver Linings Playbook.

With this little slice of history possibly on the horizon, we take a look at some of the actors who have already achieved this.

- Luise Rainer

Luise Rainer went to Hollywood in 1935 as a hopeful new star, and just a year later, she has landed the role of Anna Held in
The Great Ziegfeld (1936).

The musical was directed by Robert Z. Leonard and was her first major American film role.

Rainer would go on to scoop the Best Actress Oscar, while the movie also won Best Picture.

Rainer's star quickly rose as The Good Earth brought her further success and awards glory.

The movie was based on the novel of the same name and was directed by Sidney Franklin.

Rainer's performance O-Lan saw her scoop a second Best Actress Oscar, just a year after her first. She would never be nominated for an Oscar again.

- Spencer Tracy

Spencer Tracy is one of the greatest actors to have ever graced the big screen, in a career that spanned over forty years.

He picked up a nominated in 1936 for San Francisco, but had to wait until 1937 to triumph for Captains Courageous.

Captains Courageous was directed by Victor Fleming and was based on the novel by Rudyard Kipling.

Tracy won the Best Actor Oscar for his work, while the film was also nominated for Best Picture.

Just a year later and he was in the Oscar hunt again with Boys Town.

Boys Town saw Tracey star alongside Mickey Rooney, while Norman Taurog was in the director's chair.

For the second consecutive year, Tracy would scoop the Best Actor Oscar.

He would go on to be nominated on six more occasions: 1950, 1955, 1958, 1960, 1961, and 1967.

- Katherine Hepburn

Katherine Hepburn remains one of the greatest screen icons of all time, with a whole host of standout performances during her career.

She received a mammoth twelve Oscar nominations during her career, winning four.

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner came in 1967 and was the second Best Actress win of her career.

The drama/comedy saw her star alongside Spencer Tracy and Sidney Poitier, while Stanley Kramer was in the director's chair.

The movie was nominated for ten Oscars: winning Best Actress and Best Original Screenplay.

Just a year later Hepburn was in the winning circle again as she shared the Best Actress prize of 1969 with Barbra Streisand for Funny Girl. Hepburn won for her performance in The Lion in Winter.

- Jason Robards

Jason Robards teamed up with Dustin Hoffman and Robert Redford in political drama All The President's Men (1976).

The movie was directed by Alan J. Pakula, and followed two journalists investigating the Watergate Scandal. Robards took on the role of executive editor of The Washington Post, Ben Bradlee.

And it was this supporting role that was recognised when the Oscars rolled around, as he picked up his first nomination and first win.

A year later, Robards triumphed again, this time for a supporting role in Julia.

He saw off competition from Mikhail Baryshnikov, Peter Firth, Alex Guinness, and Julia co-star Maximilian Schell.

- Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks was the last actor to win Oscars on two consecutive years, and that was two decades ago.

Hanks picked up his first Oscar nomination back in 1988 for his central role in comedy Big. However, it would be for his dramatic work in Philadelphia in 1993 that he would get his first win.

Philadelphia was one of the first mainstream Hollywood movies to tackle the issue of HIV/Aids, with Hanks taking on the role of HIV sufferer Andrew Beckett.

It is a powerful and moving performance from the actor and he stormed to the Oscar win; seeing off the competition from Daniel Day Lewis, Laurence Fishburne, Anthony Hopkins and Liam Neeson.

Just a year later Hanks delivered another great performance as Forrest Gump: which was based on the novel of the same name by Winston Groom.

He became the first actor is nearly twenty years to win two consecutive Oscars, as he triumphed in the Best Actor category once again.

Can Jennifer Lawrence achieve this very rare feat? Or are we going to see Lupita Nyong'o triumph with her big screen debut 12 Years A Slave?

The Oscar winners are revealed Sunday 2nd March.

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