We have looked at villains in blockbusters and dramas already this week, but today we look at a villain in a biopic film.

Monster hit the big screen in 2004 and saw Charlize Theron take on the role of Aileen Wuornos, in a movie that looked at how this troubled woman became a serial killer.

This was the most important and challenging role of Theron’s career to date and the actress went on the most amazing physical transformation to play Wuornos; she put on thirty pounds for the role.

Monster is not a movie that sensationalises Wuornos’ crimes, but looks at the woman behind them and the troubled life that she led.

Wuornos was a woman who had an abusive childhood and by the time she was an adult she really had lived a troubled and tortured life.

Theron’s performance is a tour de force as it is such a powerful and yet very painful performance to watch. Theron really does get under the skin of this character and she really is a very lost soul.

And while you may have a tinge of sadness for Wuornos and the things that she has experienced, she is a frightening character to behold on the big screen.

At times, she is a woman who is unreachable and driven only by her goal to make other suffer as she has suffered; this is not a film for the faint-hearted.

Wuornos murdered six men on her killing spree and was executed for her crimes in Florida back in 2002.

Theron may not have been the obvious choice for this role, but she showed just what she was made of as an actress with her central performance; this is really one of the best lead performances from an actress in many a year.

It was her performance that had the critics raving, and there was no hotter favourite to scoop every gong during the awards season - which she did.

Her awards season was rounded off by triumphing at the Oscars, where she picked up Best Actress for her performance; she saw off competition from Naomi Watts, Samantha Morton, Diane Keaton and Keisha Castle-Hughes.

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