If you are an avid James Bond fan, then you will know that there are absolutely tons of movies out there for you to choose from. If you are yet to watch any of them, or if you are curious to see where your favourite is, then simply keep on reading.

Sean Connery - Goldfinger

Sean Connery - Goldfinger


This movie is quite possibly the daftest James Bond movie out there. Think about it, you also have Roger Moore who is wearing a gorilla costume. What more is to be said?

The Spy Who Loved Me

This movie features the much-loved Bond song, Nobody Does it Better. The movie is also known for introducing us to Jaws, an exotic henchman who became an iconic villain. The action opens up with a skiing off the end of a cliff stunt.

Casino Royale

Daniel Craig’s first outing as Bond was well-received. The movie set a new tone, rooted in more realistic landscape of crime much more akin to the Bourne films than previous Bond iterations. Judi Dench, Eva Green, Jeffery Wright, and Mads Mikkelsen rounded out the cast, all with impressive performances. This movie central drama revolved around poker, which led to the rise of a lot of  poker sites in UK because the movie showcased the thrill of the game and the excitement that builds as the cards are laid on the table. Not to mention the well-discussed and meme’d scenes of the car crash and Bond’s torture by Le Chiffre.

Live and Let Die

This movie premiered in 1973 and this showed the reign of Roger More. He tacitly conceded the campness that a lot of people saw as being unavoidable for James Bond. Moore was incredibly witty and he was also sprightly as well. He was 46 years of age when he took over the role, which Connery started at the age of 32. Even though he was an older Bond he will go down as being the favourite for a lot of people.

From Russia, With Love

This movie lacks gadgets and it is rather downbeat, but that being said, it’s also thrilling in all of the right ways. There’s a great train fight with Robert Shaw and you also have the 10-minute search as Connery tries to scan his hotel room for bugs. It’s the suspense that builds that really makes the movie one of the greatest.


The famous quote “I expect you to DIE” comes from this movie. We also see the Aston Martin D85 in this movie as well.  Shirley Eaton suffocates in gold and you also have the trope where the villain actually leaves 007 a bit of time to escape the very automated death.

You Only Live Twice

This movie stars Donald Pleasence and Connery. It’s a fantastic action movie. Donald Pleasence is the master criminal and it was announced that Connery would leave his role after this. He probably knew that he was never going to be able to be this good ever again.



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