Posters are one of the key marketing tools when it comes to successfully promoting a movie - and there have been some truly great ones over the years.

We are going to delve back into the past at look at some of the best film posters that we have been treated to... we start with the noughties.

- Funny Games

Michael Haneke returned to the director's chair in 2007 for a shot for shot remake of his 1997 psychological thriller Funny Games.

Naomi Watts starred in the movie, and features in this beautiful poster for the film (above).

- The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight remains one of the greatest superhero movies of all time, as Christopher Nolan delivered an intelligent and dark masterpiece.

The poster series for this film really was fantastic, but it was the joker poster that really was the stand out one for me. There is something quite sinister to it, as you cannot see Heath Ledger properly.

- The Wrestler

The Wrestler was one of my favourite movies of the noughties, as it was about a man holding on to fading success, while trying to make amends.

Darren Aronofsky is in the director's chair, while Mickey Rourke delivered the performance of his career in the central role: a performance that earnt him a Best Actor Oscar nomination.

Rourke takes centre stage in this poster, which shows how tough the life he has chosen can really be.

- Black Swan

We are taking a look at another Darren Aronofsky movie, in the form of Black Swan.

Released in 2010, the movie followed a ballet dancer who begins to lose her mind after landing the lead role in Swan Lake. Natalie Portman won an Oscar for her performance.

The art deco poster for this movie really was the most exquisite pieces of movie art - here is one from the series of four.

- Iron Man

We saw a whole host of new franchises kick off in this decade, but few have enjoyed more success than Iron Man.

The movie revitalised the career of Robert Downey Jr as he landed the role of Tony Stark - he has gone on to truly make the role his own.

This Iron Man poster is so incredibly simple, and yet it has a huge impact.

- Let The Right One In

Let The Right One In hit the big screen in 2008, and was one of the best horror movies that I watched that year. It has since been given an American remake, but the original is far superior.

Directed by Tomas Alfredson, the movie follows a lonely boy who befriends a stranger girl... she turns out to be a vampire.

Both characters - until they find each other - live very lonely and isolated lives, and that is perfectly depicted in this beautifully desolate poster.

- Casino Royale

2006 saw the James Bond franchise get a face-lift as Daniel Craig took over the role of 007.

It may have been a controversial piece of casting, but it turned out to be a stroke of genius as Craig has been sensational.

We get a close up look at Bond in this poster... a Bond like we have never seen before.

- Pan's Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro returned to the director's chair in 2006 for the wonderful Pan's Labyrinth: which remains one of my favourite movies.

Pan's Labyrinth mixes drama, fantasy, and war in a film that is as beautiful as it is dark and violent.

This wonderful poster really does hint at the dark and dangerous world that we are going to be taken into.

Other great poster of the noughies include Hard Candy, Taxi To The Dark Side, The Machinist and Sin City.

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