The Anomaly

The Anomaly

The Edinburgh International Film Festival gets underway next week, and it is a festival that will show off British talent, as well as films from around the world.

We take a look at some of the British director's to watch out for at the festival.

- Noel Clarke - The Anomaly

Noel Clarke returns to the director's chair this summer with his new film The Anomaly: his third directorial outing and his first since

The Anomaly sees him move into the science fiction genre, as he stars in the film as well as directs.

A former soldier is taken captive and awakens in the back of a van where he learns that he only has a few moments to figure out how he got there.

Clarke is joined on the cast list by Ian Somerhalder, Brian Cox, Alexis Knapp, and Luke Hemsworth.

The Anomaly receives its world premiere at the Edinburgh International Film Festival, and will screen in the Wicked and Wild section.

- Andy Goddard - Set Fire To The Stars

Andy Goddard is probably best known for his television work, with the likes of Once Upon a Time, Dracula, and Downton Abbey under his belt in recent years.

However, he is making the leap into feature film with Set Fire To The Stars, as he makes his film debut.

Goddard has penned the screenplay, and is a biopic about Dylan Thomas: Elijah Wood is on board in the lead role.

A great cast has been assembled as Celyn Jones, Kelly Reilly, Steven Mackintosh, Shirley Henderson, and Kevin Eldon are also on board.

Set Fire To The Stars is set to receive its world premiere at the festival, and will play in the New Perspectives section.

Goddard is set to stick with feature film, as The Blunderer is his next directing project: it is currently in pre-production.

- Gerard Johnson - Hyena

Gerard Johnson has the honour of opening the Edinburgh International Film Festival this year, with his new film Hyena.

Johnson has written and directed Hyena, and this is only his second feature film as a director.

He made a splash a couple of years ago with the violent & gritty Tony, and this is his first film since then.

The movie sees him team up with Stephen Graham and Neil Maskell, while Peter Ferdinando, MyAnna Buring, and Richard Dormer are all also on board.

Hyena revolves around Michael Logan (Peter Ferdinando) an anti-hero for our times: a natural predator and a complex mix of high-functioning addict and corrupt police officer.

But his dark world is evolving. A recent influx of ruthless Albanian gangsters is threatening to change London's criminal landscape.

Edinburgh International Film Festival is a great platform for Johnson, as he continues to make a name for himself as a filmmaker.

- Gillies MacKinnon - Castles In The Sky

After a length stint in TV, with the likes of The Village, and Inspector George Gently under his belt, Gillies MacKinnon is returning to feature film.

Castles In the Sky is his first film since Tara Road back in 2005, and will receive its world premiere at the festival.

Castles in the Sky will feature in the Directors' Showcase section of the festival, and follows the story of Robert Watson-Watt: who would develop radar.

His invention of radar is credited as what won the Battle of Britain during the Second World War.

Eddie Izzard will take on the role of Watson-Watt in the film, while Karl Davies, Laura Fraser, and Julian Rhind-Tutt will also star.

It is great to see Izzard get a truly meaty dramatic role to play with, and I can't wait to see what MacKinnon has done with him.

- Antony Petrou - We Are Monster

Another British director who will receive a world premiere at the festival is Antony Petrou, as he returns to the director's chair with We Are Monster.

We Are Monster is only the second feature film for Petrou - he made his debut with Senet in 2012 - as he reunites with Leeshon Alexander.

Alexander starred in Senet two years ago, and this time around, he is on board as writer as well as actor.

On 8th February 2000 at Feltham Young Offenders Institute, Robert Stewart, a known violent racist was placed in a cell with Zahid Mubarek, eventually leading to Mubarek's murder 6 weeks later.

Alexander will take on the role of Robert Stewart, while Aymen Hamdouchi is on board as Zahid Mubarek.

We Are Monster is based on a real-life story, and is set to be one of the grittiest films on show at the Edinburgh Film Festival this year.

- Joanna Coates - Hide and Seek

Joanna Coates is one of the British female filmmakers who is on show at the festival, with her new feature Hide and Seek.

Hide and Seek sees Coates write as well as direct, and is the first feature film of her directing career.

Starring Hannah Arterton, Josh O’Connor, Daniel Metz, Hide and Seek follows four young people as they leave London to start living in their idea of utopia.

Hide and Seek will play in the New Perspectives section, and will receive its world premiere at the festival.

The Edinburgh International Film Festival runs 19th - 29th June.

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