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UPDATED: March 25th, 2020

With the world’s state of play changing by the hour due to the rapid spread of the new Coronavirus (COVID-19), the entertainment industry is making moves to ensure that some of this year’s biggest blockbuster releases don’t open to an underwhelming box office. Here, we’ll list all of those movies that should have been releasing at some point over the next few months, but have been postponed due to the pandemic. We’ll continue to update the list as we get more information.

Wonder Woman 1984

DC fans will have to wait a little longer than expected to see Gal Gadot's return to the big screen as Diana Prince, otherwise known as the titular superhero. Wonder Woman 1984 is one of the few films that has already been given a new release date, and will hit cinemas on August 14th, 2020. This shows that Warner Bros. are expecting audiences to be back in cinema seats by the summer, but whether or not that will truly be the case remains to be seen.

In The Heights

This adaptation of Lin-Manuel Miranda's musical was expected to drop on June 26th in the United States, but the creator took to Twitter to announce that the movie would be postponed. Set over the course of three days, the story follows characters in the Dominican-American neighbourhood of Washington Heights in New York City.


An all-star cast came together to voice characters for upcoming animated family film Scoob!, but its May release has now been shelved with a new release date still to be revealed. Directed by Tony Cervone, with cast members including Zac Efron, Amanda Seyfried and Gina Rodriguez, the film follows the mystery-solving gang as they're given their most challenging task to-date.


Initially intended to drop in August, James Wan's upcoming horror Malignant has now been shelved without a new release put in place. With no teaser trailer to speak of, this may be a blessing in disguise for those working on the movie, so that they have a little more time to get things right before it makes its way to the big screen.

No Time To Die

Daniel Craig has filmed his final scenes as secret agent James Bond, but audiences will now have to wait a few more months before they get to see them play out up on the big screen. No Time To Die was the first movie to be delayed following the COVID-19 outbreak, with producers predicting the closure of cinemas across the globe. Cary Fukunaga serves as director following the loss of Danny Boyle in the director's chair, due to creative differences with the rest of the team. British talent Phoebe Waller-Bridge also worked behind-the-scenes as co-writer, alongside Neal Purvis, Robert Wade and Fukunaga.

F9 (Fast and the Furious)

The latest instalment in the Fast and the Furious franchise has been delayed by almost 12 months, with Universal Pictures making the decision to push back F9 in the hopes the series' box office takings remain as high as ever before. Fans of wrestling icon John Cena will be disappointed to see his Fast and the Furious debut postponed, and those who love the series will now be waiting to hear information about when this movie's follow-up - the tenth and final film - will now be making its way to the big screen.

A Quiet Place Part 2

No new release date has been given to A Quiet Place Part 2, but director and star of the first movie, John Krasinski took to his social media accounts to make the announcement. He wrote: "To all our A Quiet Place fans, one of the things I'm most proud of is that people have said our movie is one you have to see all together. Well due to the ever-changing circumstances of what's going on in the world around us, now is clearly not the right time to do that." We'll be keeping a close eye on when this one will be dropping, as it's one of our most highly-anticipated films of 2020!


Disney have cancelled a slew of their upcoming releases, with the live-action Mulan leading the pack. The company will be hoping for another huge hit following the heavy box office takings for the likes of Beauty and the Beast and The Lion King, so making sure everybody can get to the cinema to see the movie will be at the front of their mind! No new release date has yet been given.

The New Mutants

For some, it feels like The New Mutants has been in development for decades with constant issues arising and forcing it to be delayed. Now, with the Coronavirus outbreak, it will be pushed back once more: Disney want to make sure they get everything right surrounding the film's release after Marvel fans have waited so long to see it. The cast includes the likes of Maisie Williams, Anya Taylor-Joy and Charlie Heaton, as well as Blu Hunt and Henry Zaga.


If you're a fan of horror, then you've likely been looking forward to the release of sci-fi thriller Antlers, from director Scott Cooper. Co-writing the screenplay alongside C. Henry Chaisson and Nick Antosca, Cooper is working on a story based upon Antosca's short story The Quiet Boy, in which a teacher becomes concerned over one of her students. Little does she know that he's housing a supernatural creature responsible for several disasters...

Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway

After the huge box office success of the first Peter Rabbit movie back in 2018, it was only a matter of time until we saw a sequel make its way to the big screen. Fans will now a four month delay to checking the film out however. Peter Rabbit 2: The Runaway will feature the voices of James Corden and Margot Robbie, and see the titular character explore the wider world, where his mischievous antics allow him to gain appreciation rather than the annoyance of his friends.

The Lovebirds

Paramount have postponed the release of their rom-com The Lovebirds, which was set to hit cinemas in the US and UK in April. There's been no official update on when the film will see its day up on the big screen just yet. The movie stars Kumail Nanjiani and Issa Rae; a couple who realise a defining moment in their relationship will stick with them forever. Stuck in a bizarre murder mystery, they must clear their names before helping solve the case, figuring out how to ensure their relationship survives the night.

Blue Story

This UK gang film has been met with controversy ever since the first trailer dropped, and now Paramount have announced that the movie won't be released until a later date. Whilst Blue Story was released in the UK in late 2019, Americans will have to wait a little longer to see the tragic tale of two best friends, who quickly become enemies in a postcode war across London.

The Artist's Wife

Directed by Tom Dolby, The Artist's Wife stars both Lena Olin and Bruce Dern in the roles of Claire and Richard Smythson; a wife and husband who both have a talent for painting. Now though, Claire lives in the shadow of her husband's career, but his diagnosis with dementia means she's finally able to step into the spotlight. Whether she takes that opportunity however, is what remains to be seen. No new release date has yet been given.

The Truth

IFC Films have announced they'll postpone the release of The Truth from March 20th, to an unspecified date in summer 2020. Despite already opening in some markets, many will have to wait before they get to watch the movie. Mother and daughter Fabienne (Catherine Deneuve) and Lumir (Juliette Binoche) have a problematic relationship. They may both excel in their respective fields, but when they come together, they always end up in a confrontation. Here in The Truth, we see the biggest confrontation of all following the publication of Fabienne's memoir...

Black Widow

Disney held off on announcing a postponement for their highly-anticipated Black Widow movie, but it eventually came when the situation surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic became a little clearer. Life is changing and likely won't be going back to normal for the next few months at the very least, so to maximise success, Black Widow has to be put on the shelf for now...


Lionsgate are leaving the new release date for Antebellum up in the air until complete clarification is given as to when we may be free of self-isolation and lockdown, following the outbreak of COVID-19. The film stars Janelle Monae as a successful author who sees herself caught "in a horrifying reality", in a movie being described as a supernatural horror with themes of slavery.

Spiral: From the Book of Saw

Chris Rock's brand new instalment to the Saw franchise has been delayed, with the Lionsgate horror now being shelved for the time being. Once the Coronavirus pandemic settles down, we should hear some news about when the investigative horror movie will be able to make its way to cinemas worldwide.


American Horror Story's Sarah Paulson stars in Run, a movie that sees the actor step into the role of mother Diane. With something sinister lurking beneath the surface of the relationship she shares with her daughter, young Chloe (Kiera Allen) begins to realise that her life isn't as normal as her parent would like to make out.

The Personal History of David Copperfield

Charles Dickens' classic novel has been given a highly-anticipated re-imagining from Armando Iannucci, but the US big screen release won't come in May as first expected. It's been taken off the calendar altogether, and no new date has yet been given for its debut.

The Woman in the Window

Set to drop in mid-May, the Fox 2000 label's final film will now be delayed. Amy Adams stars as an agoraphobic child psychologist who faces a huge challenge when she believes the murder of her neighbour has taken place. The Woman in the Window is directed by Joe Wright and looks like it could be one of the most stunning pictures of the year: let's hope we hear some news about a new release date ASAP.

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