I don't know about you, but, for me, there has been a real lack of great horror movies so far this year but it looks like that trend is set to end with Crimson Peak.

Crimson Peak

Crimson Peak

I have been looking forward to the release of Crimson Peak ever since it was announced that it was going into production as I am a HUGE fan of director Guillermo del Toro - no one does gothic horror like this filmmaker.

Del Toro has brought us fantastic movies such as The Devil's Backbone, Pan's Labyrinth, and Hellboy but Crimson Peak is his first film since Pacific Rim back in the summer of 2013. The big action/sci-fi spectacle was a break from the norm of del Toro and it is great to see him returning to the gothic horror genre.

As well as being in the director's chair, del Toro has teamed up with Matthew Robbins to pen the screenplay..., the first couple of trailers really are promising, and creepy and very atmospheric film experience.

As if del Toro being back in the director's chair was not exciting enough, the director has also brought together a mouth-watering cast list. Mia Wasikowska, Tom Hiddleston, Jessica Chastain, and Charlie Hunnam are set to take on the central roles of Edith Cushing, Sir Thomas Sharpe, Lady Lucille Sharpe, and Dr Alan McMichael. Doug Jones, Burn Gorman, Jim Beaver, and Leslie Hope complete the cast list.

This will be the second time that Hunnam has worked with del Toro. Chastain did star in Mama, which was produced by de Toro, but this will be the first time that she has been directed by him. Wasikowska and Hiddleston - who is a major favourite here at FemaleFirst - are teaming up with del Toro for the first time.

2015 has been quite a quiet movie year for Hiddleston - we haven't seen him on the big screen since Muppets Most Wanted back at the beginning of 2014 - but Crimson Peak will kick off a very busy period for the British actor. Hiddleston also has High-Rise and I Saw the Light on the horizon over the next few months, which we are equally excited about.

Wasikowska is an actress who continues to make a name for herself, while Chastain is one of the most exciting and in demand stars in Hollywood at the moment. Chastain is another big favourite here at FemaleFirst towers but she looks set to play a much darker role than we have ever seen her take on before - I really cannot wait to see her in action.

When her heart is stolen by a seductive stranger, a young woman is swept away to a house atop a mountain of blood-red clay: a place filled with secrets that will haunt her forever. Between desire and darkness, between mystery and madness, lies the truth behind Crimson Peak... a house that breathes, bleeds, and remembers.

Del Toro is one of my favourite moviemakers and I always look forward to seeing the worlds that he creates in his movies. Over the years, he has told some great stories and created some unforgettable characters - not to mention he is one of the most visionary filmmakers around - and I have my fingers tightly crossed that Crimson Peak is going to live up to my very lofty expectations.

Crimson Peak is released 16th October.

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