The Royals are visiting Downton and it’s all hands-on deck to get the house ready for their arrival. However, to the surprise of all the staff, the Royals travel with their own people, leaving the loyal Downton regulars without a role in this momentous occasion. Consequently, they hatch a plan to take it back into their own hands and prove to the King and Queen just what a team resides downstairs at Downton.

Downton Abbey: The Movie

Downton Abbey: The Movie

As soon as the iconic music starts, there is a familiarly and cosiness about the movie that fans will have missed since the series ended. The opening scenes are like sitting down with a good friend and reminiscing over old times.

The film is a standalone piece and could appeal to those who have not seen any episodes before, however, I would urge to you forge a relationship with the characters first by watching the previous seasons if you are new to the family dynamics. Investing this time will allow you to enjoy the movie so much more.

For the fans- this could viewed as either an elongated episode or a short season as it maintains all of its charm despite being on the big screen.

You can expect to see all of your old favourites, however, you will be treated to appearances from some of Britain’s greatest actors such as Mark Addy, Imelda Staunton and David Haig to name a few. All are welcome additions to the story but don’t overshadow the characters we have come to know and love, despite their notoriety in the world of film and television.

Most importantly, Maggie Smith is superb as always- her acerbic lines and the interplay between her and Penelope Wilton will not disappoint and offer just the right level of comedy to the stiff upper lipped mentality of the time.

There is room for more beyond the series and the movie which will leave fans hopeful that this won’t be the last we see of Downton. With that said, it is all tied up neatly at the end just as the Christmas episode was to leave you feeling satisfied with your heart sufficiently warmed.

I could not fault this film, it was beautifully shot, expertly scripted and perfectly executed- a triumph for all the cast and crew involved.

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