Walt Disney is a studio that has brought us some wonderful animated films over the years; creating some unforgettable characters and thrilling generation after generation.



One of the Disney's movie gems came back in 1941 in the form of Dumbo. Yes, this classic film is over seventy years old and it remains one of the most touching of Disney's movies.

Dumbo was the fourth animated feature for Disney and came after Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Pinocchio, and Fantasia and a year before the release of Bambi.

Dumbo may be the shortest Disney movie, but it is a film that is perfectly formed, has some wonderful musical moments and is driven by a story that really will pull at the heartstrings.

The movie follows Dumbo, a baby elephant who unusually large ears who is ostracised from the rest of the circus animals. He is left alone when he is separated from his mother, who is locked up for trying to defend her baby,

With the help of Timothy Mouse, who is the only one who is willing to be friends with the lost and lonely Dumbo, does he start to find his way and, with his large ears, learns how to fly.

Dumbo is a movie that is one of Disney's most enduring stories - it is as popular today as it was when it was released back in 1941.

This is just a movie that is packed with charm and heart and is a story that really will appeal to all ages.

The simple animation really is just beautiful and it allows the characters and the well-crafted story takes central stage.

Dumbo is a movie that tackles interesting themes like rejection, being judged by how you looked, and the power of friendship - it is a movie that really has some great messages for a young audience.

The movie was a big critical and commercial hit and, along with Snow White, Dumbo was the only pre-1943 films that turned a profit.

Decades on, Dumbo remains a truly magical Disney film that I do go back to again and again. Pink Elephants on Parade is perhaps the sequence that we all remember and remains one of the most iconic Disney moments.

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