Emma Roberts In The Art Of Getting By

Emma Roberts In The Art Of Getting By

Emma Roberts is back on the big screen this week with her new movie The Art of Getting By, which sees her team up with Freddie Highmore.

To celebrate the release of the Gavin Wiesen directed movie we take a look at Roberts' big screen fashion.

- Nancy Drew

Emma Roberts may have kicked off her career back in 2001 but she had to wait until 2007 until she made a name for herself in Nancy Drew.

She took on the uber popular sleuth as the character and the story was adapted for the big screen.

It was a prim and proper look for Roberts as she took on the role of Nancy, the small town girl who was just desperate for some adventure.

- Wild Child

Wild Child saw Roberts once again lead an all star cast - in what is my personal fave movie of the actress.

Poppy Moore rocks up at Abbet Mount boarding school in an outfit that can only be described as spoilt brat - dressed head to foot in expensive designer gear.

Despite conforming to the school uniform Poppy was never one to just blend in as she has her own take on what a uniform should look like - nice!

- Valentine's Day

In Valentine's Day the actress joined an all star ensemble cast for this light-hearted comedy of love.

Wearing your finest clothes is perhaps not advised when you are babysitting and casual and comfy is the look that Grace goes for.

Comfy jeans and a shirt is perfect for keeping up with young Edison.


Now lets face it a bright orange work unit is not going to look great one anyone, right?

But sadly for Roberts, who takes on the role of Joanne in the Noel Clarke directed movie, this is the wardrobe scenario that she is facing - no wonder she doesn't look too happy about it"

- The Art of Getting By

The Art of Getting By sees the actress return to the big screen this week in what promises to be a great aromatic comedy.

Roberts takes on the role of Sally, a beautiful and complicated girl who befriends George (Highmore).

Sally's quirky nature is shown in her dress - which is stylish without ever being too over the top and in your face.

The Art of Getting By is released 2nd September.

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