Written by Melissa Allen, who you can follow on Twitter at @melissajournal

This adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is perhaps one of his best. Despite the long length of this film, it still stands strong today as a brilliant crime classic with a twist that audiences will never forget. Note that in the paragraphs below, there will be discussions of spoilers!

Tom Hanks stars as Paul Edgecomb, a prison guard who works on Death Row. The location acquires the name The Green Mile due to the simple colour of the floor; one of the last things people there see before being executed. Paul manages many prisoners, but when John Coffey (Michael Clarke Duncan) turns up, charged with a crime he didn’t commit, Paul goes to great lengths to try to prove John didn’t commit the crime.

We know King is an incredible author, so to see one of his finest works given the big screen treatment here is a delight. The film brings together phenomenal acting, a spellbinding story and the masterful cinematography to offer up a memorable viewing experience.

The way you feel for John Coffey and despise Sam Rockwell’s character ‘Wild Bill’ (as he actually committed the crimes Coffey is charged with!), and the way the film also creates sympathy for other inmates on the Green Mile is astounding.

Coffey’s wonderful personality and caring nature is a total contrast to the rest of the film as convicts fill up death row; this is certainly worth the watch as the majesty of a Stephen King film sells itself, plus the wonderment of a crime thriller with a supernatural twist is always worth strapping in tight for.