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While watching films we often don’t pick up on the subtle CGI we may be seeing, as we’re too busy enjoying the film. However, some CGI is done so well that at first glance, you wouldn’t notice the trickery.

Keanu Reeves in John Wick / Photo Credit: Legendary Entertainment

Keanu Reeves in John Wick / Photo Credit: Legendary Entertainment

Nicolas Cage’s Abs in Ghost Rider

This 2007 movie follows Cage’s character, Johnny Blaze, after he makes a deal with the Devil in order to save his father.

However… this does not go well. Blaze made a deal to save his father from cancer and while that works, his dad dies anyway in a motorcycle stunt crash.

The price Blaze has to pay? Becoming the Ghost Rider.

Here is where the trickery comes in; while in the middle of an inner conflict between himself and the Ghost Rider, Blaze stands shirtless in the mirror and pulls some pretty weird faces.

We can see in the shot that Cage’s abs look pretty toned – they may appear fake due to their glossy sheen, but many people are still unsure as to whether the abs are fake or not.

Cage actually has many tattoos on his arms, which needed to be covered up. The actor was 42 when filming this movie and got into pretty good shape for it, but many still think that those muscles are abs-olutely false.

John McClane’s sign in the third Die Hard movie

If you’ve seen this film, then you know exactly which sign we’re talking about.

Warning: this video contains profanity

In Die Hard with a Vengeance, the third iteration of the popular Die Hard franchise, John McClane (Bruce Willis) is being blackmailed by a terrorist - McClane must do everything he is told to do or horrific consequences will follow.

One of the first things McClane is asked to do, is go to Harlem, a predominantly-black area within New York, wearing a sandwich board sign with a very specific message.

The sign has a disgusting message featuring a racial slur against the black community. This of course causes immediate issues for the cop, just as the terrorist knew it would.

However, these words are (thankfully) not real. The sign, during filming, actually said ‘I hate everyone’, and with the use of a sticker of some sorts, the hateful slur was added in later on through CGI.

The baby in Children of Men

In this apocalyptic-themed film, where having babies naturally is an impossibility, one woman defies these odds by becoming pregnant.

The world Theo Faron (Clive Owen) lives in is dangerous and war-ridden, and when Faron learns of the pregnant lady, he must battle all odds to save them both.

As for the baby? It isn’t actually real! The infant is is said to be one of the most amazing pieces of CGI in cinema.

The director (Alfonso Cuarón) rightly decided that the environment, which resembled a broken dystopian future, was too dangerous for an infant.

So in light of this, the baby was added in through CGI.

The quantum suits in Avengers: Endgame

Avengers: Endgame was a record-breaking movie, with stunning CGI and VFX that created an exceptionally realistic experience.

However, despite the fact we know such things like Thanos (Josh Brolin) and the spaceships are not real, there are a few surprise CGI effects that many may not have noticed.

In the scene where the Avengers begin to suit up to travel back in time, they can all be seen wearing beautiful white quantum suits.

These suits are not real. Nope, not one of them.

The team designing the real suits did not have time, or did not finish the design in time, for them to be included in the movie. So, CGI stepped in and therefore we have a few fake, but incredibly realistic team suits.

The dog in John Wick

We all know John Wick (Keanu Reeves) to be a passionate and talented man, especially in the first movie when it comes to the death of his puppy.

Wick’s wife has recently passed away, and before she died she arranged for a pup to be sent to her husband, so he would have something to love after she was gone.

When some men try to buy Wick’s car from him and he refuses, they later break into his home and steal his vehicle. Not only do they wreck his house and take his beloved car, but they also kill the puppy…

The poor pooch, after its death, is totally CGI. Wick’s hand stroking the lifeless (and fake) dog is very touching, and it is admirably quite hard to spot that the dog isn’t actually there.

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