Going In Style is a brand new comedy film released on April 7, starring Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin as a trio of lifelong friends, who risk it all by staging a daring bank heist.

Going In Style

Going In Style

These three actors have had incredible careers in Hollywood, with a variety of notable performances. From spies to butlers, they’ve brought us an impressive range of characters and this exclusive article takes a look at some of the professions these master thespians have inhabited with their roles.

Batman Begins (Morgan Freeman) – Tech Genius

Where would Batman be without his gadgets? In The Dark Knight trilogy, Morgan Freeman plays Lucius Fox, the man behind the Batmobile.

The Dark Knight (Michael Caine) – Butler

Another veteran from The Dark Knight series makes an appearance in Going In Style, with Michael Caine portraying the most iconic fictional butler in history: Alfred Pennyworth!

The In Laws (Alan Arkin) – Dentist

Meeting the in-laws is never easy and Alan Arkin knows that all too well, with his turn as mild mannered dentist Sheldon Kornpett.

Million Dollar Baby (Morgan Freeman) – Boxing Trainer

An emotional journey from start to finish, Morgan Freeman won the Oscar for ‘Best Supporting Actor’, playing retired boxer Eddie "Scrap-Iron" Dupris.

Miss Congeniality (Michael Caine) – Beauty Pagent Coach

Michael Caine has played everything from scientists to spies, but a fan favourite role of his is in Miss Congeniality as beauty pagent coach Victor Melling.

Argo (Alan Arkin) – Film Producer

Based on a true story, Alan Arkin is one of the players in the Academy Award Winning film Argo, portraying surly producer Lester Siegel.

Going In Style (Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine and Alan Arkin) – Bank Robbers

The upcoming film Going In Style proves once and for all that you’re never too old to try something new. And so the award-winning cast trade in retirement to become bank robbers when their pension fund is taken away from them.

Going In Style is in cinemas April 7. Watch the trailer here: