Last week, the premiere for the film everyone has been waiting for this Summer, The Festival, was attended by all the in-celebs, including most of the 2018 Love Island cast.

Hannah Tointon in new film, The Festival

Hannah Tointon in new film, The Festival

Hannah Tointon plays Caitlin, the ex-girlfriend of lead character Nick. We spoke to her about the premiere, what it was like filming in a muddy field, and her role alongside fiance Joe Thomas.

“The premiere was really fun. Those things are always a little crazy and a bit of a blur but the nice thing is that you get to reunite with the cast and crew and everyone who helped make the film.

“It’s also great to hear an audience’s reaction and find out the moments that people laugh at the most.”

The Festival is the first comedy film that Hannah starred in, after starring mainly in dramas.

“l loved it (being part of a comedy film). It was a bit daunting but I think the fact the cast gelled quickly really helped.

“Everyone was so nice. And I think that’s always important when you are filming comedy, because you need to be in an environment where you can try things and not feel judged.

“This genre is definitely the area I enjoy most and where I sit comfortably. I would love to do more in the future.”

In order to get the set as realistic as possible, the team had to shoot some scenes at Leeds Festival and Bestival, whilst others were filmed in a field in Bristol set up with a stage area and food stalls.

Hannah says that filming in this environment was challenging but rewarding.

“Last summer was particularly rainy so we really experienced the festival vibe; we were slipping around in the mud and freezing.

“I’m so pleased we got to go to real festivals to film. Those wide shots really give the film an epic feel.

Hannah and Joe met on the set of The Inbetweeners and are now engaged. They both have roles in the new film, but what’s it like to work alongside your husband-to-be?

Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon
Joe Thomas and Hannah Tointon

“It feels natural and easy. I think he’s an incredibly funny actor.

“The funniest thing was seeing people walk up to Joe and start talking to him while he was meant to be filming scenes. I think they were worried about him to be honest, especially when he was wandering around in his pants. They probably thought he’d lost the plot.”

Most people will recognise the couple for their on-screen romance in The Inbetweeners, but Hannah says there are pros and cons to working together in a fresh role.

“I think there was a worry at the beginning that we were both in The Inbetweeners and it would be too similar, but then there is also a positive that you already have a rapport with somebody and there is a familiarity there for people watching.”

So, what’s next for Hannah?

"I’m writing at the moment. I would love to be involved on the other side of the camera. A lot of my favourite shows feature performers who have had a hand in the creative process which I think can allow them to take more risks and produce more interesting and original results."

The Festival is in cinemas now.

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