The summer season is upon us again and that means that there are a whole host of mega movies that we CANNOT wait to see.

Jurassic World

Jurassic World

There are always some great films that hit the big screen during the summer and this year is really is a mix of blockbuster, comedy, animation, and great drama... and Jurassic World is the film that will kick the summer off in mighty fine style.

Hard to believe, but it was 2001 when the Jurassic Park III hit the big screen - it really has been a fourteen year wait for this latest instalment - and it was 1993 when we were taken to the Isla Nublar for the very first time.

Jurassic World is the fourth instalment in the franchise and sees Colin Trevorrow in the director's chair for the very first time - not to mention this is the biggest film of his directing career to date. Trevorrow made his directorial debut with Safety Not Guaranteed and I am excited to see him put his stamp on this huge blockbuster.

This movie will take us back to Isla Nublar, where John Hammond's original idea has been realised in a fully working dinosaur theme park. However, we are going to be introduced to a new and very exciting set to characters and actors.

Chris Pratt is one of the most in demand actors in Hollywood at the moment and he will take on the central role of Owen in the film. This is the second summer in a row where he has led a major blockbuster - last year he enjoyed huge success with Guardians of the Galaxy - and it looks set to be another big hit for the popular actor.

Bryce Dallas Howard is on board as Claire Dearing and she and Pratt are joined by Vincent D'Onofrio, Judy Greer, Jake Johnson, Omar Sy, and Ty Simpkins.

Jurassic World is set twenty-two years after the first and the theme park is up and running. However, visitor numbers are down and a new attraction is introduced... the first genetically engineered dinosaur. But when the creature escapes, everyone on the island is in danger

Jurassic World is the first of the big summer blockbusters to hit the big screen and has huge footsteps to follow in after the success of Avengers: Age of Ultron and Fast & Furious 7 already this year. Will it be a box office hit? I think we can safely say it will but if it will be the highest grossing film of the summer is another matter.

Jurassic World is the perfect summer film and we are going to enjoy some of our dinosaur favourites, while being introduced to some new creature creations.

Jurassic World is released 11th June.

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