The Complex is a sci-fi interactive thriller - a choose your own adventure filled with high stakes and unexpected twists. When I read Lynn Renee Maxcy’s script, set in the world of Sci-Fi, I was excited to see such intelligent, tenacious and bad-ass characters, especially female leads, and Clare Mahek for me was such a great character, she is complex and a far cry from stereotypical, as well as being both physically and emotionally demanding to play.

Kim Adis in The Complex

Kim Adis in The Complex

My first day of filming was in Discovery Park, Kent - which by the way, cool fact, was the location for feature film World War Z - and I got to smash and destroy batches of tiny test tubes made of sugar glass. That was a lot of fun and what a way to get your anger out! Jokes aside, it helped me break the ice in terms of getting into Clare’s character and what her personality traits are - I see her as a cool girl, punk rock in her attitude, she’s impulsive, risk taking and sometimes brash. Clare is not afraid to be blunt (although sometimes this may be seen as rude) but she hides secrets – is she a potential bio-terrorist or is she a victim? It's up to the viewers to decide.

We filmed many versions and emotions that could lead to one of the 9 endings. Most of my scenes were with Michelle Mylett and Al Weaver and those were by far my memorable days on set. We rehearsed with director Paul Raschid prior to filming in Kent and we put all the work and scientific research, thanks to our producers who provided interviews with doctors regarding stem cell research and nanotechnology, into our performances. I had to prepare as much as possible to give a raw and realistic performance as though my body were to combust. My shooting day would start by getting in prosthetics (with Redgirl Fx’s prosthetics designer Suzi Battersby), as a sci-fi fan it was exciting to see an artist create your armour (if you will) as it got me into the physicality of how Clare’s bones were starting to morph and grow excessively fast.

Whilst there are poignant moments in The Complex, we also have light-hearted scenes filled with comedic dialogue, especially Clare competing with funny one-liners against Rees. That's what I love about these characters, they make mistakes but also they don't take themselves too seriously. Whether it's bad or good, the audience can have a right giggle with them. The witty banter back and forth keeps the energy alive and you never get bored.

Working on The Complex was a blast and I'm lucky to have worked with such a talented cast and crew. We literally gave blood, sweat and tears making this film and we hope you enjoy the ride with us! The Complex keeps you on the edge of your seat, testing your morals on who to care for and who you should choose to live or die. Tough choices but you got to decide! Game on.

THE COMPLEX a live action, interactive Sci-Fi thriller is now available worldwide through PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch


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