It’s 2018 and it’s about time we celebrate some of film’s most fearless females. From courageous, determined, brave women that don’t back down in a fight to strong, independent women that don’t let anything stand in their way. These feisty females certainly don’t rely on men and instead engage their inner strength to take on whatever challenge they come across and come out on top. To celebrate the release of Tomb Raider on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D Blu-ray and 4K Ultra HD today (July 16), we’re taking a look at some of the badass women of the big screen.

Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)

Strong, determined and focused. Nothing stands in the way of the Tomb Raider. Her killer instinct and determined nature takes over while on a journey to discover the truth about her father and unlock the secrets of a tomb. Lara Croft is the ultimate onscreen leading lady, from focus and intelligence to physical strength and skill, there is no stopping her on her journey to become the legend we know and love. Alicia Vikander throws herself into the role, transforming into a total badass, taking on whatever trouble comes her way and unleashing her inner adventurer. All the makings of a stellar female lead.

Wonder Woman (Wonder Woman)

Gal Gadot portrays the brave and mighty Amazonian warrior that is, Diana aka Wonder Woman. When she leaves her secluded island home to head into the outside world convinced she can stop the Great War, there is no stopping her. Set in her decision that she can make a difference, she fights in the war to end all wars, discovering her powers and her true identity along the way. Fearless and determined, Wonder Women is certainly deserving of her place in this list of incredible women in film.

Elle Woods (Legally Blonde)

Elle Woods may be a fashionable sorority queen but there is more to her than her blonde hair and her sparkly pink clothes. What starts as a ploy to get her boyfriend back, following him to Harvard University, becomes proof that you can’t ‘judge a book by its hair colour’. When Elle Woods, portrayed by Reese Witherspoon, sets her mind on something, she is going to get it. Blowing everyone’s expectations out the park in Legally Blonde through wit, charm and intelligence she worked her way to the top graduating with a law degree.

Katniss Everdeen (The Hunger Games)

When Katniss Everdeen’s life quickly gets turned into a struggle for survival, she doesn’t back down, rather she faces up to the challenges in front of her, competing for her life and coming out as the ultimate heroine. Her bravery and selflessness comes to the forefront when she takes the place of her younger sister in the annual Hunger Games, saving her life. Jennifer Lawrence takes on the role of the feisty Katniss and there is no denying that the ambition of Lawrence shines through in this role. Her determination to succeed and her willingness to prove everyone wrong fuels her forward on her mission to survive The Hunger Games.

Miranda Priestly (The Devil Wears Prada)

As the demanding editor-in-chief of world renowned fashion magazine, Runway and based in New York City, it’s no surprise Miranda Preistly in Devil Wears Prada is seen as the literal, devil wearing Prada. Portrayed by the undeniably talented, Meryl Streep, this badass boss dubbed the ‘dragon lady’ may be harsh on occasion, but she knows what she wants and how to get it. Leading a high-profile fashion magazine is no easy task and Miranda Priestly stops at nothing to keep her magazine on top. However, she’s no villain… She is just a high-powered and highly driven woman doing her job.

Black Widow (Avengers Assemble)

Despite her chequered past, Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow) has become one of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s most deadly assassins and a frequent member of the Avengers. She’s an expert in martial arts, a skilled gymnast and on top of that, has superhuman strength, speed, agility and endurance. She puts herself on the line to save the lives of others, even if it does sometimes mean taking out the villains, in a display of selflessness and internal strength.

Princess Leia (Star Wars)

Princess Leia in Star Wars was an anomaly of her time, a strong female lead in an action film. She displayed her strength as a woman, rather than replicating the strength of a man. Feminine enough to be rescued by men but with the resilience and fearlessness to lead the rebellion against the Galactic Empire, Princess Leia holds the traits of a true feminist icon. She defined female leads in films for generations to come and her ambitious attitude made her an unforgettable character and a film icon.


Tomb Raider is out on DVD, Blu-ray, 3D, 4K and Digital Download now.

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