Amanda Seyfried is one of the busiest actresses in Hollywood at the moment with a string of projects on the horizon.

One of those projects is biopic movie Lovelace - which promises to be one of her best and most challenging roles year.

Lovelace charts the rise of Linda Lovelace and sees Seyfried take on the title role in the movie.

And here is the fantastic UK trailer for you to take a look at:

Rob Epstein and Jeffrey Friedman are back in the director's chair together for their first feature film since Howl.

They have also teamed up with Andy Bellin for the very first time as he has penned the screenplay for the film.

But Amanda Seyfried is not the only person on the cast list as a fantastic line-up has been assembled for the film.

Peter Sarsgaard will take on the role of Linda's husband Chuck Traynor while Sharon Stone, Robert Patrick, Juno Temple, Chris Noth, Adam Brody and James Franco are all also on board.

The movie sees Franco working with Epstein and Friedman once again - they collaborated on Howl - as the actor plays Hugh Hefner in the movie.

The life of Linda Lovelace told through the production of 'Deep Throat', her abusive relationship with Chuck Traynor (Sarsgaard) and eventual spearheading of the feminist anti-pornography movement.

Linda Lovelace gets under the all-consuming influence of her abusive husband and self-declared manager, Chuck Traynor, who uses all means possible to persuade her to comply with his demands. T

he fragile woman becomes an infamous porn star, seems to be happy, but eventually breaks free from her husband and discloses the truth in order to prevent other women from getting similarly exploited.

The biopic genre is always one of the strongest in any movie year and Lovelace is just one of the films to watch out for in 2013.

Lovelace is released 23rd August.

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