Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins has admitted that he finds acting easy.

The actor has enjoyed a career that has spanned over forty years and included roles in The Silence of the Lambs, The Remains of the Day and Nixon.

Speaking to Parade the actor said: "It's very easy. If you'd asked John Wayne he'd have probably said, 'Well, you just go to Monument Valley and get on a horse'. Acting is very, very simple.

"That's the trick great American actors have had. John Wayne didn't have to act, he just rode in. Gary Cooper, all those guys were smart. They didn't try to do too much."

"I say just get up and do it. Don't do all this preparation. Don't waste time worrying about it, looking over your shoulder.

"But when you're a young actor it's not easy to do that because you always want to analyse because you're very insecure.

"If I could revisit my past, I would say to myself, 'Don't think too much, just get out there and do it'."

And the Oscar winner is back on the big screen with his new movie The Wolfman. He teams up with Benicio Del Toro and Emily Blunt for the remake of the 1941 horror classic.

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